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Using Index Code is helpful

Presentation of an Index using index code is and important “Gotta Ya” attention tool. Either a quick easy glance where things are systematically arranged, user friendly and the user just goes with the flow. Or the user is presented with no choice but to flick away. Quickly.

People just want to click through two to three clicks.

Google does not want more than 99 links on a page and preferably only fifty though.

Before it is too big of a job begin to systematically index your blog posts into the allocated pages. Using  combination of pages and posts the job will get done.  Think of  an extended family.  One grandparent and the children, then if you want even more variety in come the grandchildren.

indexcode Using Index Code

Combining dyslexics with the creation of coding and a mess could be the answer. WordPress101 is a specially designed for the user experience.  As such with this code the indexing may happen.

As I do not really understand any more than above, but I wanted a system that works this is the indexing I use and it works.  Accessing sorted data brings out the quick find for the readers.  Just using search presents with an array of choices.  Confusion reins.  Hierarchical scanning means the posts flows through click through is considered.  MMM not sure if that’s the narcissistic tendency, the OCD  or a combination of both coming through.

Easier way to be using Index Code

Visually presenting the Index code that is to go in the Text Tab  is the easiest way I’ve found that for avoiding confusion. The pink and purple text areas of the code do different things.

The pink text opens up an area for the child or children  to line up and display the things that need organizing for easier viewing.   Not the child indexing starts and the next line flows on.

The purple text brings a grandchild level into the family circle.

When a multilevel longer index is required then simply cop and past your original control copy of unfilled code  and place it where it needs to be. Careful not to brake the coding.  Keep checking the readers side of the post or page.  Fix what needs to be fixed as you precede.

Frustrations in using Index Code

A few mistakes using index code while you fail forward your are learning what works while gaining results.

Setting up indexing is not a quick job.  Time consuming and well worth the all the ‘efforts’ that you put into the end result.  For other helpful e-resource information today’s Toolbox e-resources may help.  Bookmark [ favorite] the primary post sent to you.  Read through the post.  Go through all the links.  These links are constantly under construction.

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478914101417 Using Index Code
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

Today’s ToolBox e-Resources is designed to have only 101 resource.  So that’s 101 emails full of information in your  bookmarked folder.  Basic information designed to give you a boosted head start on knowing what, how and why something is required that pulls together why you are fallowing forward so often.

The thing is when you go up to another level in either the Six Figure Mentors or the Digital Experts Academy the  foundation level systems have been shown to you to implement.

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