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Amazingly the potential energy release when people gather data and use “MyTracking Stats” is largely unexplored.

Recognizing  the usability of what tools are provided  and utilizing those tools to there fullest potential  is a trick many affiliate marketers just totally ignore.  Instead the fiance that may be available to their marketing budget is just thrown away.  Simple things like creating a spread sheet, keeping that spread sheet up to date and daily spending the time to go through your tracking stats making notes of differences is something to bee seen to be believed.

Even at the Affiliate Access entry level, most basic of the SFM levels,there is a quiet emphasis on the customizable tracking generator and tracking stats. This post looks at the tracking stats and what you see in your dashboard.  Plus why you would keep records on a  personally created spread sheet. Primarily written from a person who has purchased the  Essential membership level going into the Elite membership level.  The Essential membership a open the door key for the Elite membership.

Unravel the secrets of where your leads are coming from head to your dashboard. Open The Marketing tab and into My Tracking Stats. Now that spreadsheet you created painfully keeping things there up to date may start to make sense. What you are viewing in your My Tracking Stats is a progression of visual data. Yes there are numbers there and even for the geometric Autistic ‘traited’ person these numbers mean something important. Bear with me and read the explanation below.

When your My tracking Stats is open what you see are two things. The vertical column the tracked code you placed out there somewhere. This somewhere you have on a spread sheet you have created. So that’s cool as now you know where your visitors have entered the system. The second is the horizontal bars vertical columns. Now you see where the visitor becomes a lead. Then an app.

The next part is where that app chooses to position themselves. That is as any or all of the following. Essential, Elite, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Black.

My Lead Tracking Stats is fantastic visual data that is translated easily into the end of month Payout. Check under the My Account tab for your sales details.

As members progress up the levels themselves what you are exposed to you find you may write about. For instance when you progress from the Essential level to the Elite level the Digital Skill Platform Elite Courses along with the recurring exclusive webinars featuring prominent leaders such as Justin Woolf and Jay Williams are available. These are experts sharing knowledge that you certainly will make use of. Plus there is the advantage of a different payout level resulting in an overall increased income potential.

For people who are Elite there is of course the System Setup Certification to achieve. Added to this the added micro-learning information.

Please also read the full Income Disclaimer so that you know exactly where you stand with your Six Figure Mentor membership. Also note that when you purchase products from the Digital Experts Academy [DEA] money may be left on the table [ so to speak] when people choose not to re register their yearly SFM subscriptions or to do so at a later date.

Besides the fact that I would truly love to hear your progression one place you must connect with is your business coach. Check on the right side of your back office dashboard. Under your sponsors details there are your business coaches details. No matter what level you have come into SFM, Digital Experts Academy and the Digital business Lounge at you will have been provided a Business Coach. Defiantly talk to your Business Coach about your upgrade to the next business exploration point. It’s worth it

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The ability to understand and use tracking stats is one of the Today’s Toolbox E-resources information series.
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