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Being up early, thinking out the actions for night befores reverlations acts as a continuance.  A learned process from childhood was to wake up early thinking of what to do. Then life took a free fall. Outdated coping mechanisms were overrun.

Incorporating early morning walks to greet the sun has become a normal thing to do. Besides breathing in the beautifully still air of a new morning that’s greets the rising sun, there are few people out.

In these times further connections start to present themselves. As though the night before sleeptime has had the brain sorting out and filing the days befores information.

Practice And Progress With Up Early Thinking Times

Initially new learning patterns challenged and teased my thinking. Literally at the drop of a hat sleep mode claimed. Overwhelm signs flooded my nerve impulses and jared the “You are asleep ” signals. And that’s where I would be

Progress With Up Early Thinking Times

Several challenges were encouraged through the community I was with. Firstly was the Six Figure Mentors 90 day video challenge. Sure learn fast how to use the video section on the camera. The inside of the house, the back yard soon did not seem challenging. More to the point time management meant the dog walks were utilized.

A 90 day challenge in 2015 included health and personal sections. Gradually though these early morning times, or times in the garden, walking in local natural bush settings would replace the sleep patterns. Including these times were now conscious decisions. Quite literally the “Create a life you can’t wait to get up to” sentance was becoming a reality. One wake up at a time. Life was becoming a fun adventure. Even the small changes were being creatively explored. Much of the logical analytical side was being brought into action in a play mode. Kinda like my inner child was challenging the static policeman side of “prove it before you attempt it”…. Precursor analytical stuff was not so much being abandoned. Listened to, respected as a control factor. Meanwhile there I was creatively experiencing a free fall jump situation.

The results were then sorted out with the analytic side being brought in to the mess of creative filing going on. While the left side of my brain [ the analytical side] was busy reading the thoughts process, sorting out the filing and seeing the happiness factors outweigh the doubt factors…. well lets just say that side of the brain had to let go a bit.

Rather like a lawyer finally learning to innocently just play.

As recompense the creative side was learning to communicate, file and take in a focused pathway. That happened slowly.
The funny thing is that the pendulum swings of autistic behaviour patterns have and still are being retrained back into a unique pattern of ‘normality.’

Mid 2017 saw another Six Figure Mentors 90 day challenge entered into. The same three categories. But what a change has happened. Having learned how to present my own self was important. Now the inclusion of “self” within everything being done feels absolutely wonderful. And everything ever put out there in the last few years leads to a sales funnel where people may find out more about the uniqueness of just one persons view … seeing the Autism Spectrum gifts and talents with an open and clear mind so that others may look within and not be so scared. This of course is where the left side of the brain in days gone by would be yelling “told you so” instead its busy sorting out the connective plan of action and bringing in every other part of the brain into action halachically managed!

SusanLewisandLogo Up Early ThinkingHave a terrifically uplifting dayLife in the Autism Spectrum does not mean you are stuck within that pattern of a downward spiral. What the challenge is is to bring forward those gifts and talents. To see and know Autism As A Gift. As well as being forward, upfront and inclusive of all your ‘self’. To know and experience changes that would have freaked you out. But to have established a pattern of inclusive behaviour management.

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