One of the best things since sliced bread is having the guts to get up and keep on performing.  People look and see what they want to see, but how often do they see the potential within themselves, their surroundings.  What they have lived , learned and processes.

The joys, happiness,  confidence gained “pick myself up” and move forward with moving forward.

Mary here let the hilarity ensue.  Bringing along to Britian’s Got talent, the dreams, the man friend and her laughter and happiness

Getting past Simon, through the three judges and onto the next level.  You see things happen within each of our lives.

You may have heard of a concept called Fragile Self Esteem.  Basically many winners within or world can hold onto the achieving of their dreams,  Obtaining their goals allows them the knowledge that they have achieved, done their best and have made it.

Then one day something happens.  Falling into a negative vortex there seems no end to the black hole.nevereverstop Get Up And Keep On Performing

How does someone pick themselves back up and firmly place one foot on the ground and crawl out of the cesspit of negativity?  Sounds depressing right?

When the core values are known.  Those personal core values,usually  hidden away enabling people to function without standing out too much,  When the  core values are exposed a relief comes through.  Behavior changes  start to match the core values.

Like Mary doing what truly matters to her.  Performing even with a broken leg. Mary took committed action.  We know that because Mary is in the video on stage in Britain’s Got Talent 2017.

SusanLewisandLogo Get Up And Keep On Performing

Mary had the guts to get Up And Keep On Performing.  Mary won three of the judges yes factors and that got her through to the next round.

Now if you are wondering what are the core principles you have within you, and you want that skills and training to ‘find and develop these factors’ within a community of coaches, mentors, go-getters. People who have been through the ‘grind’ then you are at the right place.  Simply because I’ve been been in a similar position.  What created the decision point to keep on going this time was  finding a community that would show me how.

Here is that link for you to know where the resources are that helped me go forward.

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