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Today help to spread smiles. Gidday, I am “Susan Lewis”.  Creator of the “Help To Spread Smiles” campaign. A place where ample spare smiles are found to share around. Aimed at a slowly formed energy rich smile turning into a massive ball of energy.      This post shows people how to actively be enthusiastic with the promotion of the simple smiles beneficial side effects.  Knowing that smiles spread once greatly multiplied . In short the objective is:  to ensure everyone of earth’s seven- Billion plus population receives one willing happy smile needed daily.  Join with us. Together push a magnificent beam a smile momentum to begin.    

SpareSmileBroughtDaily-42x200 Today Help Spread The Smiles Needed
Help to spread smiles around this universe. ClickThrough Here.

Love the smile today.  With your help spread smiles needed. 

Incidentally there are always spare smiles found here in the world daily. Self generated, or emailed to you. Create a folder to place the emails in.  Run out? As a rule open the smile email stored in a folder.  Genuinely speaking read> smile> share the email contents.

Moreover to fulfill the bill  each person who signs through to the application process  is now advised to white-list the smile campaigns email address.  That is: to place the emails senders address into your contacts.

Leap forward today. Help spread the smiles needed everywhere.

Enjoy each day one of the  three-hundred-and-sixty-five-emails sharing a smile. Share and spread even more smiles magnificently. Each, and every day. Starting today.

At first the goal of the smiles in your day is simply to gain momentum. In short we ignore smiles. How many smiles have you caught today? Let me explain how one smile gains momentum. Explained with just one Monarch Butterfly deciding it’s time to migrate.

Monach-Butterfies-on-books-200x171 Today Help Spread The Smiles Needed
Monarch Butterflies on book.

Usually Monarch butterflies lift off simultaneously high in the mountains. Spread their wings, fly about, look great while at the same time build migration momentum.

Yes, constantly lookout for people with enthusiasm. Namely people  on the go. Willing to spread the smiles and lift off together,  like the Monarch butterfly. Form an online community group where there is no lack of willing help. Look out for the smile-a-holic as they are the people to share.

Do what ever it takes today and help spread these smiles needed.

GSusanLewisandLogo-200x200 Today Help Spread The Smiles Neededranted that in today’s online world the rapid spread of smiles should to be easier. Especially with the help of everyone you know willing to do their part. Smile momentum energy each day increasing as new smiles burst out.  In the meantime, be ready for the birth if a new smile, coming your way soon.

To wrap up, today help to spread smiles.

Smile as You Apply here.

Definitely “Help To Spread Smiles.”  Thank you for your amazing time shared.


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