Susan Lewis Autistic, Online and Loving IT. Susan writes for Susan Lewis marketing sharing the information and practical knowoeledge of fixing the frustration gaps when you are developing a community within an organisation that really was happy with the status quo. This of course translated to well leave it to you to do. Thank fully technology is now well used. The youth are showing the older generations. The youth now much 'stuff' but sometimes an older head within a crowd of young shoulders sees what others are missing. Maybe its the been there and done something similar feeling. Make use of Susan Lewis Marketing's sites search box.

“When it comes to quickly getting set up, to share affiliate links, and be ready to build communities online. ” Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassack know what they are talking about..

Both Stuart and Jay know what it is like to exist at the ‘no money for basics’ stage in their lives.

Only Just To Share Affiliate Links ?

To give people in a similar situation a chance to go forward introducing the overwhelming free membership status has been  brought in.  Having that means of just being included is vital when building a community.  Those fresh thoughts and comments are noted.

As time goes by all members come to realise the way through is as simple as all that needs to happening is for members to share affiliate links.

Simply Share Affiliate Links

To Share Affiliate Links is the work behind the motivation

Note two things with SFMs High Ticket items Affiliate Access Status. 

Maxed out effort and constant lack of time. Get used to these feelings.

Basically with a low income stream , job or no job, the temptation to bemoan the fact of spending much time sharing leads and seeing the labor verses money return is huge. Drill Narrow , Drill Deep. Keep on going when the going gets tough. Stay focused – simply to share affiliate links – instead of going wide and everywhere. Your labor as important as your chosen set up. Learn to utilize an autoresponder.  Build your list

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At this Affiliate Access  level  you will grow to crave  the information the ‘I know it all anyway’ people probably will choose to overlook.

Be prepared for the unexpected – even with your Access Affiliate level

As you go through the instructional videos and witness behind the scenes footage of this really powerful Digital Business System in action remember this: “The Six Figure Mentors was created top help our students achieve what is perceived to be the impossible.”

There to help people out is a list building report

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478914101417 Simply to Share Affiliate Links
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

The List Building Report is through here


Welcome to the Affiliate access level.  A place where mad scrambles are normal, typical and a lot of frustrating fun.


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