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Next step to refine this site is another ongoing process.

The realization that a few months ago there was a chance to refine this site. In part to refocus on what it was that the had got all tangled up in here.  What occurred was a straying away from the websites original objective. That was to write posts. Initially, so that people would read them. Then “to write posts for people like you to read them”.  More specifically to write posts  ‘Confidently’. Knowing people will read them without getting lost somewhere in the haphazard thrown together way they were before.

Now, with the objective is to refocus on you, the intended recipient of these posts, much has been changing.

By using and applying what it is that has been learned. Updating, rearranging, re-posting and pushing the posts into the web traffic.  The steps for taking a product to market are being proven each step of the way.

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Remember Amateurs built the Arc. Professionals the Titanic !

To pass on the ‘If I can do it then what about you giving the creation of your dream a go’. Especially when it involves the alternative digital lifestyle with IoT or the Internet of Things.

Gradually to share how the systematic phenomenon of interrelated computing devices affects people within, and on, the Autism Spectrum.

Whatever way is utilized, the end result to refine this site for, is to deliver results.

In order to refine this site there are trip switch twists

People would think that someone who puts themselves out there in order to refine this site  has the confidence with which to do the things that they are doing. Organisation is something that blogging involves. Clutter and disorganization seems to be common place.  Creeping through people’s lives so ominously there are times when the situation becomes a maligned friend!

When an outside of the situation new circle of influence begins cleaning out their space, the shelves and benches around them. Their own presentation.  .After a time the trickle down effect occurs.   The clutter around the computer and finally the files in the computer get sorted. Now you know there is a self-made challenge happening.  Next thing you know there is a conscience prompt to really refine this site.  Get all the little twiging jobs sorted out .  Major overhauls included.

The upshot to ‘refine this site ‘ is a new outlook altogether.

Focus on the direction your online life is going. No need to waste time speaking about what should have been done  last week, last month or last year. Just  do the things that need to be done now.

Do what needs to be  addressed. Where you want your attention is in the future. Your sanity is in the future. Your site attention needs to be directed into looking forward. Talking about the what should be done is in the past and  no longer serves. You’re sites done with your past management.  New skills have learned , now all that matters is to take control of your sites life. Your future.

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.Refining the evergreen posts

Action starts with creating goals, changing what needs to be changed while looking toward the future.

There must be nothing stopping you, no more excuses, no more shames or blames and self -pitying.

Action –> Reaction –>new site life–> Satisfaction Only!

You refine your sites life.  Your success, your fulfillment, and happiness is your duty, your obligation, your responsibility and your privilege.

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