As A person who experiencing some of my life online, writing about these experiences and connecting these experiences to concepts life in the last few years had had more meaning, exposure, interrogation, and conceptual work outs its amazing the journey focus is even still shining like a ball of pure high energy light blue electric light. Yes I am on the Autism Spectrum. Asking me where about though you will draw a blank. Not interested in further defining this journey called life. One box is enough and that is labelled Autistic and Autism Spectrum. Having living with Autism Traits popping up all through my life I finally have a name association to things that i believe are normal. They are for me and my family. All the generations past, present and future. With the label I lost being lost. If people cannot handle what and who I am then that is there hard luck. Now I am online and loving it.

One of the main reasons people like using the upgraded model of TidyURL.

Being introduced to the TidyURL concept was fascinating.  The use of it though confusing. Admittedly, while in the midst of the Autistic Overload going haywire, not much was going to be absorbed.

A-messy-office-e1473564045296-291x400 The Upgraded Model
Creating shorter URLS can get messy at times. Now there is a combination of filing to menus as well as sharing socially for uniquely shorter links.

What was taken onboard was definitely worth remembering. The terrific potential of this little tool was recognized. Used properly, even if all that was accomplished was the saving of the URLs, there would be a terrific flow on effect. As the TidyURL was introduced during that overload time it too was blocked.

Seen as a threat and not the real world value this tool was. So coming around to transforming the links and use these took time. That time involved a different form most people’s approach.

As the overload began to recede and things fell into place, many of the stray “one day I will ...” URLs that used to litter the inside of the computer have now been converted into tidily organised  virtual filing cabinets

The handy little twig of obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD, along with some experimental tinkering helped to get these URL files all sorted out. The research carries on today. The ‘thing’ was analysed so much I am not surprised a newer version come forward.

Now it is time to unveil the upgraded model of TidyURL. Meet Your TidyURL. Faster to put into use and definitely less clunkier.

YourTidyURL is The Upgraded Model

The Upgraded Model example below has a URL that is about to be stored before a post on the Facebook page “Health, is this only from the seed to the eating”

When-using-your-TidyURL-400x249 The Upgraded Model
The Unique ‘YourTidyURL “‘
Falling into the lets ‘upgrade the free TidyURL’ resource the Your TidyURL is a really handy resource that comes fits into this with the SFM Student Access educational level and above . Very usable through WordPress sites. Extremely easy to click, type, copy to replace in the title section. Hit the create now and there you have it. There you have Your TidyURL … that unique URL resource. Ready for you capitalize on the tracking of the effectiveness of your shares.

Must admit to loving the Hits and Unique links being recorded as people view the pdfs created along with how many times these URLs are being downloaded. Or how often a piece of information on the internet is checked through into the Facebook likes, shares and comment upon.

Seeing your own domain name associated with the link you are sharing is fun. Besides telling everyone just who they are ‘hitting on” [ sorry, could not think of another way of expressing that !] makes you want to those new TidyURL ‘s out there and share them everywhere, and as far as possible. To come back in a small while and to have checked on the unique numbers visibly growing is stimulating enough to want greater numbers.

For the geometric maths people on the Autism Spectrum, these  numbers in the boxes are one visual data way of knowing just where to place your next niche based post.

Important : Hand It To Me ! 
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May your day be beautiful.  With your TidyURL getting fuller by the day,  Remember this golden rule: Track Everything. Everywhere and all the time.  And importantly within the guidelines of the tools requirements of use.  Even if these requirements do seem back to front

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 The Upgraded Model
Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

How amazing is it going to be when your tracking is fully functioning all the way through.  And better yet, those leads are now more able to flow through as tracking stats and into the lead referral area.  With greater confidence sharing your content through the social sites.  With those marvelously individual tracked URLs being displayed in your tracking stats area and leads area.  Proving to yourself that you too can shoot for the best you can be? Then with greater confidence as you are seeing those numbers rise showing the effective sharing you are doing – turn towards your next target ! Make sure your share this surprise with your family and friends along the way.

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trial-650x310 The Upgraded Model
Discover the potential of being Unique
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