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Remembering the Rainbow Rivers colors.

Over five years ago a photograph of China’s Rainbow Rivers colors were seen. Over three years ago while playing around with a graphic creator tool  a logo was made. Two years went by then the association between the two connected. Realizing just how quietly this connection into inspiration trigger had worked fueled the creation of the logo was a weird feeling.

Social Media is such that so much is seen, heard and read exactly where these things come up from usually is just not remembered.

And then up pops a picture like the one below and suddenly you realise where it was that that thought came from.

1111111ab Remember The Rainbow Rivers Colors
The Rainbow Bridge in China. Not known where photo original has come from

Connecting the Rainbow Rivers colors

That happened when the above photo was seen again. The river is in China. Night time there are these rainbow colored lights that shine and light up the area. Millions passing by each year see these and people remember them.

Having never been to China the power of the internet in this single snap shot where the Rainbows Rivers colors are remembered.

slm000020 Remember The Rainbow Rivers Colors
The first Susan Lewis Marketing Logo

Colors that have been incorporated into the original logo of Susan Lewis Marketing. Subsequently updated during the review of the associated website in 2017.

When personalized branding happens the hidden connections through colors comes out. Rather than a personal connection being hidden away for very few to see that connection beings hold of where ever your brands foot print has been left behind. In other words you are associated with the words, deeds and colors people connect with you. Energy given off a vibrantly open person greeting the world at their feet as a world behind the doors seems to be ready and waiting to be explored.  Must admit that the course over and above the Blueprint sure helped out massively.

SLM_Logo Remember The Rainbow Rivers Colors

Letting change happen is like a dam behind the river break open

Under going so many constant changes one step at a time is an amazing very personal experience. For some they are already prepared to just jump in and get things over with. For others there is a waiting time. A waiting and gradual repair time.

With the aid of the community, and support of the back office team, a newer version of the logo has been released. Significantly gone was the seesaw balanced on a pivot. Instead the knowledge that ‘Everyone Is A Star’ has come through. Visibly evident as bringing the universal energy flow through into every day life.

Knowing that help that is available

Yes the Rainbow Rivers colors connection assisted in creating the logo helped. Having one skill easily shareable within the websites, the social media and anywhere else syndication now happens.   Exploring and sharing in places mentioned in the weekly webinars on different topics really helps.

Shows the power of the brain to think that a glimpse of this picture did trigger a memory of the Rainbow Rivers colors. Combined with the inclusive power of Every Ones A Star knowledge.

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