Your Journey starts with an invitation to somewhere. Where that somewhere is is up to your imagination. " What the mind can conceive it can achieve. Believe this is possible, action the steps and make that happen.. The Persistent Strategy is Just Don't Quit

Usually, people arrive with good wishes, along with words of wisdom such as “the persistent strategy is Just Don’t Quit”  when a journey forward starts.  Conversely, when an inner journey begins they collectively crowd around. The ‘well wishes’ turn to gasps of astonishment! And “what are you going to do that for?”

From this point maybe the doubt surfaces. people probably stop and begin to second guess themselves all over again. Right now there is a ‘continuance of an effect’ after the cause is removed. In other words ‘successful is’ what successful persons do to achieve their goal.  Pragmatic, focused persistence distinguish these people from those who fail endeavoring to achieve their objective.

For fifteen years, the internet has been freely available in my home. Initially, the intention was to find out how the text popped onto the screen. That concept captured the autistic side of my thinking. While having me fascinated this proved to be a focus pivot. Along the way other outcomes occurred.

One is the following learned and practiced strategy. Best explained as “There are many ways to get there. Sort out your pathway. Persist

Selfprisionisescapable-320x400 The Persistent Strategy is Just Don't Quit
Self-Prison is escapable.

beyond both your goal. Persist beyond failure. Understand that failure is an acceptable outcome. Lessons were learned. New pathways were taken. Different results.  More evaluation. Action. Constant action.  A repetitive constant action brought in results.  How much action.

Depends on how badly you know you are going to achieve that goal after the first ‘education of self‘ goal. How deeply you search for the answers found within the newsletter.

From the spark came a flame.  The flame a candle.  The candle a light bulb.  New time management ideas came through being able to turn on the night lights. Cinema arrived. Television flowed from there.  Computers started the digital age. Now there is the technology to read at night on your wristwatch.

Developing the light bulb took thousands of illuminating tries before the success was “seen to be seen”. Worth it?


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Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

There is no right or wrong when the known factor is that the persistent strategy is ‘Just Don’t Quit’. Every situation might be different. I invite you to check out the banner below if you know that the internet is powerful enough to keep up with your no quitting attitude.  Please feel free to discuss and express your opinion in an email to myself.

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