which of the installers to install is coming up.

Looking into the your Digital Business Lounge dashboard there are a number of installers to install.

Have  good look at these  as the choice does impact on what type of theme you will be wanting. At this point the domain name has been researched, chosen. Payment has been made and the domain name registered. When the choice was to register this domain name so that it is ‘pointing to ‘ the Digital Experts Academy then the hosting to DEA was completed.  The webpage and blogs are now able to begin to be put together.  One piece at a time.

Now you are looking at which of the three installers to install.

Literally one of the promises the Six Figure Mentors modules make are the presence of golden nuggets.  All you have to be is open to receiving them, then acting upon them. Yes there will be things placed in front of you where people make a decision.  One where they dive in and see how far they float.  Or one where they wait until there is a little bit more understanding  Both may be a quagmire and lead anyone through into overwhelm situation.

Anything can do this.  It may be seeing others on the leaders board, or a video or a blog challenge.  Maybe you go into the up skilling area in the main dash board and learn all you can.

Other people swear by blogs and others swear at them. Others have success through the adrenalin pumping advertising that does get results. Others have placed all their finances on a DEA level and have  little budget left for advertising.

Any reasonable person will know that there will be a steep learning curve going on which ever pathway is chosen.

As of the new levels of broadband compliance total transparency is expected. So whether affiliate marketers want to or not, many are now starting to blog as well.  Therefore there is a selection of three installers to install.  This is an introduction to each of them.

The Website that is a Blank WordPress one

Where you are start off with a default ready to rock and roll WordPress Theme.  Selecting a new theme from the theme library or just uploading a theme yourself from WordPress.  Even a fair while into using a theme there is still the ability of changing your theme around to another.  Or upgrading the one you have into a paid version.  Now it will be time nearly to create you own content. .  Then create your own content.

Alternatively there is the SFM Authority Site

A website that is pre-populated with SFM content. The theme is installed, including widgets and layouts.  Use this selection if you wish to use this as you SFM authority site.  By choosing this one there are banners you may choose to have added.  A very good site to choose for your SFM  marketing site.  One that because of a the shear number of users behind the intra-connected label you are now part of.

Thirdly there is the TidyURL shortner. 

This tool shortens links utilizing your websites domain name.  For instance you may see the Tidy URL at times read susanlewismarketing.com/…. /  and then a post name following. The URL is now effectively masking the link allowing the human eye to read the now human readable link instead of the Bot readable link.