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Test Drive For Clarity And Support – Come On Create That Alternative Digital Lifestyle Now Take A Free Test Drive For Clarity And Support 

To create that alternative Digital Lifestyle vision take a free test drive for clarity and support.  In this post Susan opens the door. Come on through. Check out the Digital Experts Academy and the SFM.

In this post Susan Lewis ties in two things .  The first is a reference to the buyers cycle where in today’s digital world the buyers cycle now has two very recognizable parts.  Part A is the customisers cycle and Part B is the buyers cycle part.

The second thing is the value of small family supported businesses having the opportunity to “hands on” explore, talk to others about experiences and finally to have the time to absorb the core values as the see them in action.

See how that little extra motivation  in a very special, positive, supportive learning environment flows into other things being achieved around the communities members.

Tune into the virtual house to test drive for clarity and support

Being a very visual person Susan Lewis uses the analogy of exploring an old house and describes each step of the way using references to an old fashioned house.

The reason for this is that there is a recognisable visual connection into the ‘memories’ of a selected  few people on the Autism Spectrum.  Those with the Autistic trait of being ‘visual ‘ re understanding and retaining new information.  Also for the people with specific head injuries as Susan experienced that were related to the truck impact in 1991. Susans mind needed something familiar to grasp hold of as new information was able to just stay still long enough  so that old memories could start to surface, find the new memory and attach long enough to connect.

To find a Community that has a test drive for clarity and support

The use of an old house where people can connect into the test drive for clarity and support allows a somewhat sense of familiarity.  In this place there are many nooks and crannies also known as special places for a one-on-one conversation to take place. There are many things to look, see and do where as a person looking for information during the test drive  there is time to engage, optimize and expand the knowledge  so that a valued judgement  choice is created by you, for you and taylored directly to you needs.  Just because you know best what will suit you now.   As expected people are executing the options to keep going or to say not at this time, even if they see the value as their personal research is conducted. These action are a big part of the customers cycle.  Whichever choice is made both are progressive clarity and support steps forward for both yourself, your  family, and to the community behind the the private members doors.

Second progressive step is for people who want to go forward. There are no sunglasses that people wear within this house. If an dust moles were found as you were conducting the research… then ask about them.  The time to explore, evaluate  and even the choice to purchase the initial modules comes at your own leisure.  The reason for this is  you would have short-listed what interests you. Selected what three things you are really interested in to find out more about. To have the information, and help, available within this virtual house helps direct your interests in the right direction.

The actual test drive for clarity and support

Asking about clarifications, information on pricing and yes, even discounts come under the buyers cycle.

Feel free to carry one reading as you begin to open the gate and head to the virtual house. And remember to open up the virtual goodies bag that has three resources to get your online presence moving forward.

Why a test drive for clarity and support in this old house

Entrance to this private community is through the front gate, up through the door everyone gets admitted through.  Now we’re in the entry.

From this point the virtual entrance door is still open. And will always be open to you.

While you are here take a free test drive for clarity and support

By the way….Welcome. While your here  choose an “all level test drive”. For clarity and support in the journey of the lifetime.  The entrance way has a library for public viewing the amazing  video resources.  Come in and take a viewing seat.  Watch the videos.  Now some will wait it out.

Sure there is an uncomfortable feeling as no-one knows what’s in front of you.  You are the one that makes the choice to move forward, or to leave your curiosity unanswered and walk away.  Simple as that. I suggest that since you’re already there test drive for clarity and support anyway.

Behind being an empowered individual with the confidence that comes from having the right know-how is knowing you have made sure things are a great fit for you. Knowing this and connecting with what you see in this virtual old house’s test drive …. that’s one of the secret[s] that separates success from disappointment!


Remember the test drive for clarity and support!

The behind the reception desk scenes are people [ alias sales team] who will ultimately know what suits you.  Yes there is an ‘art to deciphering cognitive processing and the sales people are there to help make sure you are a right fit for the community.  Think of a onsite  tailor suiting the person to the clothes or the clothes to the person is the question.  Like all clients you are the person with the personal say for yourself. The fellows manning the reception desk represent the entry access through to the rest of the establishment.

Many may have listened to others tell them that  “the time is not yet right”.  For you though ; once the ‘are you a robot’ minimal sum is paid the  next step happens.

Another doorway to move forward is opened. In this area are modules. Complete the modules, questions and everything that is in front of you.  Oh by the way during the 30 day test drive for clarity and support go through everything you can.  During these modules there are tools to help you through the choosing what is right for you and your future circumstances.

tapforresources now take a free test drive for clarity and support
Click here to begin to experience joyfulness with the community and business outcomes.

Connecting into a refreshingly friendly community helped me remove the isolated and alone feeling has both given and received support. Amazingly being able to help give someone else a leg up is confidence in your own abilities grows helps you grow one step further.

Test drive for clarity and support and enjoy yourself

When you take that free thirty day trail the possibilities for you are made realistically within reach.

Honestly, in a busy day, I often wondered just how much more I could fit in. Weaving the 1 -2 minute lessons into the coffee breaking further helped finding out how to tap into the booming digital economy. Gaining momentum with the special bonus Digital Skills Platform is further propellent to ‘gaining a broadcasting presence’.




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