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To be a part of this inspirational journey visualize how each step of the way we’ve got you covered with a tailored program choice education program.  In this post Susan opened the doors just a little, but enough for your to realise that each level is totally different, yet interlinked. As each level is a tailored program it itself it covers everything from in-depth marketing training to mindset shifting webinars to keep your head in the game.

All you need to do is chose which level, or combinations of levels best suit you so you too are here ready for action and to join the journey.  Please note that this is just a peek within and standing out here in the figurative hallway means that the depth, breadth, and scope of each level should to be experienced to be believed.  Hence the equivalent of a thirty day test drive on offer.

Visualize a house with several upper floors each with their own level of  tailored program. Ih and that once one of these levels has been purchased the key toi the door is within your hands … a lifetime key.

The Silver Level is a specially tailored program

First floor Silver level doors to move forward into this tailored program open up. Within we find the  Silver program is a proven path to full time self-employment.

Also at this level is the Import/ Expert program. Yes the Import/ Export is another tailored program.  Known as the place to be to gain the tools and skill sets necessary to build a strong foundation. One where once started on the realisation that they definitely are bringing you the knowledge, process and the tools is proven The end result is for you to  leverage your newfound skill sets to begin trading and build a successful business.

The trainings through the back office. The Silver training that leads a person into the Import/ Export business they will know how to have and gain further networking support.

Up we go to see the Gold Level Tailored program.

Open the Gold Level doors to move forward into the Second floor’s tailored program
Check out the Gold level as the vision is to give your online business serious muscle through 1-2-1 coaching. There’s the cutting edge training program that makes it easy to gain advanced marketing skills.

The Gold level where organising your presence is all there in the training, mentoring and coaching.

Enter right in and get active as there are training coaches  to help with marketing aspects, developmental and personal development that are tailored to assist when you are needed their skills and expertise.  These coaches are more than just text book academics.  Having been in the trenches they know their way about and happily share this information with other Gold level members.

Remember that  life time purchase.  That is once Gold the option is there to always have Gold under your belt.  As well as further exploring all the other levels as you move from

At Platinum level this tailored program has equal parts of the floor.

To experience the expertise with a fully tailored Platinum Level education program first the Platinum level door is entered and completed.  Then the Brand Incubator door may be opened.

The two congruent doors to move you forward at the  Platinum level:
Platinum is a brilliant level. Since the initial Platinum event attended this course has grown in impact. So much so the the Platinum level does help you discover a brand  that the world want to know about.  Infact as you progress through  its you that is found. That helps to develop a unique brand definitely that the world wants to know about.

The Platinum level of who I was, what I as a person reflected through my brand took some doing.  Purely because of a truck impact in 1991 through which there was a diagnosis of Deep Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome.  Basically there was  no past memory present.  It took from October 2014 to January 2018 to find the key that released the final major memory to that memory block. Now I get to apply again and redo what was deliberately unfinished. … as in out on hold.  Mean while the information that had been gained was utilized and I created my own branding as a temporary measure. So until then this is my ‘I amn Susan” and what  my brand is looking like.The difference now is I know the answer as to why is a professional brand important!

At this Platinum level the choices start with who are you.  Then a further step is taking that ‘YOU’ and branding your brand.This is the Brand Incubator.

Now the Black Level is fully tailored program to suit where you are at and where you are going to

Through the Black level door the realisation that all these other doors holding the tailored programmes have just begun preparing you for the full impact of the journey.   That the action of  opening the door  is “Only” a stepping stone to more doors of a lifetime of adventure.  One adventure after the other.

Experienced feedback tells us that at the Black Level this is where it is more than “what you see is what you get”. Indeed at Black level the option to monetize almost anything that interests you as a serious entrepreneur fascinates. To know that at this level you’ll be educated in advanced leadership so you can make a major impact on the world so ties in with everything offered before hand. To say the results seen through those on this level os quoted as “it’s amazing” is an understatement.

And there you have it.  The virtual upper floors of the tailored program that prepares you for your life time journey, literally gives the licence to drive.  Like a tailor may fit you out, creating a well suited set of clothes… you have to choose the accessories.  The tailor will show you which accessories go with what as the clothes are created.. A tailored program needs you to follow instructions, totally believe that the action has outcomes based upon you.

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