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Someone once told me that the internet was only for intelligent people and therefore it would not last long amongst the common users.  Okay, that got rid of the those that only fitted into the boring High I Q tested range.As a follow on from that thought time my question today would be what about those of the rest of the population who have a large amount of common everyday how to and where from knowledge. Those people who may or may not be academic.  The shy ones or the people who really just want to be left alone within their own world… baking cakes, singing to their family, cuddling and looking after the children as they grow.

The ones who have maybe a half an hour in the morning and a few hours after everyone is all asleep?  They sit there with their mobile or landline handset and communicate with friends. Share quotes and wonder if they too could make a small collection.  Things that they calmly place in a Christmas card or view under a share button… without way to much time expense involved.  Or something that will save time management space within a hectic timetable.

And therein lies this little gem.

A logo brought to you by Susan Lewis Marketing. Logo Created With GraphixCreator

cropped-Screenshot_13-400x400 Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created With GraphixCreator

A basic and simple logo where there are no hard and fast lines to walk down.  Hence the slight ‘bleeding’ of some of the colors.  Predominantly the reds and the purples.  A creative has look into how to accept a mistake that actually turning into something you start to see represents what it is you are doing online.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created With GraphixCreator
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

My Statement is that “helping people who are LOST to discover a digital lifestyle – instead of looking for a JOB.”  And sometimes the only way of expressing may be through visuals.  You see and express through the eyes as they are the pathway through to your heart.

Digital is all around us.  Ask someone for a pen and paper and watch the blank looks.  There in their presence is a digital appliance. GraphixCreator is a simple step process ready and waiting for the creative juices to be stirred.

Enjoy the use of your creative time.



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