Google survive change online

The things that come up are:

Change Online profile name ps3, Change online Affress, Change online ip, Change online status on WhatsApp, … on status Viber android, Change online grades, Change online drivers licence address.

The frustrating thing is there is nothing there pertaining to a person surviving online changes.

empahtyistobeabletowalkingsomeelesesboots-150x200 Are you in Survive Change Online Mode?
Survive changes online and live to spread the word

The internet is moving forward so fast these days that like a GP in the history lines now who dealt with everything and anything even the GPs are beginning to have speciality fields. Or if the GP is busy you no longer go to the Accident and Emergency department… unless they recommend you. Instead, the nurse on call. either via phone or the clinic. will deal with you. Then reschedule the appointments and slip you somehow in there.

Online when people hit a snag or a drawback challenging problem what is there where people can find up to date answers. Without having to scroll everywhere and anywhere through a pile of old out-of-date stuff? Then translate that foreign jargon of internet speech into everyday dot point to follow through on?

Are you up for the ‘survive change online’ possibilities?

Yeah. In trying to survive change I would constantly be tripping over these loose ends. Often reading one post would mean hours of cross referencing. Constantly trying to garnish one keyword sentence that would unlock the understanding mental door. That light bulb moment when everything may just begin to fall into place.

And now I have found that and a lot more.

Two young entrepreneurs brought together their combined business skills. Where one had been weak at one point the other compensated. Now the business of educating people into being a needed survive online change is coming into fruition.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Are you in Survive Change Online Mode?
Susan Lewis Marketing enjoys using the Digital Business Lounges tools and applications

Not only is this a chance to improve on many levels it’s also something to get your teeth into and become an active part of a community.

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