There are many strategies learning disabilities are able to be worked around.  That is right. The thing is that people with learning challenges tend to have a low opinion of their own capabilities as when learning new skills they get lost somewhere and have to constantly be catching up.

When one set of outcomes have a focus to gather under and another set of desired outcomes has another focus, there are now two sets of learning to work towards.  With little structure confusion may occur.

With basic structure strategies learning disabilities what may happen?

All a strategy is a particular way of organising the resources.  You previously learned things, the skills and gifts you have.Next, work out what you are going to do. Work backwards from that point. Now, what do you need to have gained that make what you are going to do achievable in incremental steps.  Where several ideas come together, there are the stepping stones.

As each stepping stone is being worked on, outcomes are happening. That’s fine.  But what about consistency.
Learning is a relationship between two things. Two ideas making one concept. Thinking like Tony Robbins the linking of something known to something unknown.  Now you know what you did not know.  You understand what you did not understand.In other words, when you want to learn how to affiliate market something having never done this before, expect things to take a while longer than someone who already has a list of people, knows how to write a blog, create a video and even email market.

Teaching strategies to do all these things needs some form of basic understanding.  Which is why joining what you already know with what is there, means you have the stability of prior knowledge.  For myself, it was blogging basics.  Then moving into the creation of quotes on virtual paper.  After that, Graphix Creator became a really handy tool.  Now there are files of different quotes based around photos that I have had on file.  Or happy go places and take photos of.


Before I chose to go through the BootCamp [ cost is $29,00 [US]] these were just disjointed words that were know of before. Known and not understood.

Learning skills still had no timeline.  BootCamp helped with the focusing. Yes, Autistic people [ of which I am] have great focus times.  Once they know what they are doing. One of mine is a drive for knowledge.  And I would get lost in the pulling apart to find out how things worked. This has delayed any money making activities that ‘affiliate marketing focused people’ who have the drive to get out there need.


Hang on I forgot the challenges.  Group challengers or ones that you create yourself.  Because now you know how to plan your next five years sorted out.  Something learned in BootCamp and presented to the business manager before you may move on through last of the modules.  Talk about motivation, drive and determination coming out.

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