Stepping Stone Success Simple Strategy Started

Moving forward a few days ago, I purchased a Domain name through the Digital Business Lounge. This was another simple stepping stone success strategy done.

Today I realised I forgot one very important step. Looking at it this is a really a simple one. That is to direct the login page towards either the SFM area or the DBL area. Effectively this means one I write on via a blog and the other is used for affiliate marketing of educational training and upskilling services.

Right, the steps to be able to build a web page and associated blogs are these. First decide what the use is going to be. Second purchase a domain name. Third host the domain in the correct area. [ SFM or DBL]. The fourth step is to choose a theme. And fifth is to connect

icouldnotfindasolutionthentherealisationthatwiththetoolsihavemanysmallsteppingstonesandapathismade A Simple Stepping Stone Success - Host The Webpage
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the theme to the hosted Domain name.

There are several simple steps thereafter to have this webpage site up and available for people to read what you are writing about.

Let’s just deal with the hosting area in this post.

When you come into the DBL to the right is a Notifications box. Bright orange in color! Inside that is a manage domains button that is green. Hit the button and you are in the System set up.  Then move to the Domains area. The same place where originally you filed out the ‘Purchase a domain actions.

Taking note the status of the domains currently. All’s terrific as all are Hosted and registered within the Digital Business Lounge. Now to direct the domain to the attention of the chosen server. Very beneficial having the domains just ‘there’. All lined up at the click of a switch on the same page. No clicking out and scrolling around, up and down in a juggled out of alphabetical order mess.

Next success ‘step‘ to do

Click through to “My Websites area” this is in the left column on that page.
The first step is to go to the green button that is under the Website title box. This simply states… “Add Website”. Hit this button.
This instantly opens the area at the top of the page. Nearly there.

one-piece-at-a-time A Simple Stepping Stone Success - Host The Webpage
You’re on your way with Several Simple Stepping Stone Success’s completed one piece at a time.

In the right column are boxes. Click on the arrow to the right of the: “Framework” box. Choose between WordPress or The SFM Back office. You want to a website and / or a blog right, so choose WordPress.

Following the order of the boxes fill in the spaces. Hit the “Save the Details” Box and … nothing happens but a blip.

Hang on a minute. Let your eyes lower down the screen a little. There in its entirety is your little ‘baby’ looking at you. WAIT twenty-four hours as this URL now needs to go through connection checks.

One more Stepping Stone Success completed.

How do you feel with these Small Success Steps near completion? Now that you can see those columns there with what could well be the start of your alternative digital lifestyle. Your WebSite Title – the one you just created. The associate URL and next column along is the Dashboard access. The other column is the option of edit or delete. The edit is for a change of title or new password.

What my suggestion is for you to go and have a breather. Take a pen and paper to tell the world of your progress. Simply write something about this stepping stone success. You deserve too simply write something about this stepping stone success.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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.*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

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“Have Quality Over Quantity”

“Be Consistent”

“Be Selective”

“Create a Campfire”

“Build A relevant Audience”.

“We are what we share”

“We become what we put forth or we put forth what we become.”


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