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It’s a huge endeavor to bring about safe and supportive environments

The impact of the words “Autism Spectrum” is like you have just been run over by a bus. Affecting just about every aspect of life as it was, is and will be. These small words mean multi-dimensional daunting tasks lie ahead. From one basic task, there are two phases ‘looking after’ the Autistic supporting person and the Autistic person themselves. The ‘looking after’ raises a whole lot of funding issues. From the total care of, the ‘back-up’ support and the outsources. From the formation of communication and procedural care tasks, objectives and outcomes and other protocols.

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Step by Step and one piece at a time with Susan Lewis Marketing.

Generally, the administration, upkeep and extra bits of any program is a nightmare.With  Now the trips, celebrations and milestone occasions, special needs and care inclusive learning is being tailored to. The background support and on the front line care people and facilitators, facilities are kept in touch. Support groups organised. Outreach and reaching out is developed through the 3D offline world. But, what and how do people achieve these results without an ‘Under On Roof’ system of tools, apps, training , upskilling Education, and support?

When right in the thick of all this moving forward motion everyone deserves a break sometimes before that overload hits and hits hard. A walk on the beach. A dance under the moonlight. To share the time out time online and amongst friends should you actually want to. And even quick access to behaviour management tools, services, and personnel – if the situation warrants it. There are ways and means of having the tools that allow these included in the pre-management and closure of any activity. One is a mindset challenge. That of “Owning your own time”.

Knowing what to do with your time. How this came about. Usually through the meltdowns and the overloaded way. So how do  you offer support when you struggle to own that time?

Where does the knowledge of safe and supportive environments come from?

Authority with people on the Autism Spectrum is three-fold. families have  one, or a mix of these : family members  or members who work with people on this crazy Autism Spectrum.  At times a mix of both. For myself, I fall into all and just about every category of the above.

Having experienced many facets of community I was still nieve. Being brought up in New Zealand in the 1960’s communities tended to look after and help one another.

With thirty years involvement in Community Development situations what showed was there was always a need for two things. Effective and efficient communication methods and funding. With a few primary people’s and things got done. Including the wider population was a struggle. And then the internet arrived.

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Looking froward to seeing you here.

As the internet grew so too did the confusion. Education was either spasmodic and restricted to on the jib learning.  Or traveling  two hours one way five days a week by public transport. Five days a week. By car this was just one trip [ not three connections] and 25 minutes away. Take one day off – you are in danger of falling behind. Having six years out for study, family, health or work reasons leaves a lot to be caught up on. Trying to keep up too how fast the internet as growing was a miracle,

The main reason to took to the internet still remains. Communication. Communication processes that would keep everyone within the knowledge loop. Minus a lot of stress on unknown factors. Such as who has read the newsletter, contact ability, sharing information and updates. Are you coming replies? Setting up parent and co-worker meetings that had more apologies than acceptances with respect to the location of the individuals family commitments.

Long after the events, celebrations and camps or activities, the training would continue. Business set aside days for ‘Personal Development’ that cost time management and an allocation of specific finances.

Finally! The safe and supportive environments start-up process was found.

Until recently I was still looking in many areas for safe and supportive communities where people could microfinance a project or simply just all out-fundraise utilizing the skills they already had. For instance, the time consuming setting up and cleaning down or the constant back management for finding new outlets besides physically making popcorn at markets and festivals. What a

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This Link will get you through to the information.

terrific world wide web we have access too.  Knowing how and when to utilize it brings challenges in itself.

The requirements were simple.  The tools and apps had to integrate with what we were working to achieve. They had to be user-friendly.  A group of people needed access with ongoing upskilling and training. Something enabling an individual, or a connected team to start off.  The goal  being to create a responsive alternative digital lifestyle within safe and supportive means that would benefit and support family groups, to organisations endeavouring to assist people on all the levels of the Autism Spectrum.

When I found an ‘under one roof’ education training upskilling and supportive community, after all these years, do you think I can keep that information to myself?

First, it starts with an invitation. This one. To come and video up to seven videos based on marketing. Of course, the videos will use the sponsors products.

Then for a cost of $29.95 [US] there is a seven fairly intense 4 module course. The first module helps you with the second and so forth.That’s basically to set up Google chrome and an email address. Best to create a new email. That way there is less diversion and email interruption time. Create your new purpose built email through here.

Now your all set to place this new email into the email box that will activate your videos.

Should the choice be “I’m interested but not yet” check out the videos anyway. When you make the $29.95 payment – go through the modules. Still hesitant, then just ask for your money back guarantee to be activated. No Questions Asked.

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Hi. I am Susan from Susan Lewis marketing

Welcome. Come on through.

Here  is a use for that brand new life starting new email address just made:

Contact me through And I will know who to look out for.

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