As you Smile, at all times dare to be different.  So different  that you reach out to others with your smile. Let them share this rare and precious gift. Like the bird that is set free, a smile travels the world. Freely giving of itself. Enhancing lives the world over. Growing with social worth. One day as it returns back to you welcome it back. Congratulate yourself on a gift well-received by many.

Smile. Dare to be different. Share your smile
Balloons, Butterflies and children float around looking for a smile

Smiling, in return, is a small part of a lifestyle chosen by you, for you. Like the air that is moved through the beat of the butterflies wings, when you smile that smile of yours, this small action graces the world around you.

Smile more often and you     influence more people

To live with a smile, to smile freely when we want, with who we want and wherever we want. A simple thought – yes?

“At all Times Dare to Be

the one whose quota of smiles is always full. As they smile the quantum leap off into a great day. Freely given.

Now sharing with you actionable strategies, some fun and laughter times, from around the net will be a pleasure. Your First ‘Smile-able’ Action is here.


           And Smile,

dare to be different

 There is no charge for this and there’s no catch. If you enjoy the content and get value from it use these actions to increase your sales and profit from the Universal Energy flow as you go about your daily lives.

And, should you not want to receive these smile times at any point, you can simply unsubscribe.
 Have a terrifically uplifting day
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Saying hello to you as you measure your journey


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 Have a great day  and remember  Smile. At All Times Dare to ‘smile’.

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