Whereistheoffice desk? At least with YourTidyURL the compouter is safe from all those stray saved for referencing another time, URL's.

Remember to start at the basics.

The aim is to have the page you want you readers to read to upload quickly and efficiently.  This means sorting out the basics. In this instance the basic being: how the campaign content affects the upload time for the viewer.  This viewer does not want to wait around Bright-idea-on-handheld Sales Campaign Ideas For Improving Search Engine Resultsforever for something to upload on their tiny device. Peoples concentration and wait time is so short that if things are not their instantly a distraction happens and the page gets overlooked and then ignored.

How does this affect a campaign?

Campaigns take a long time to sort out.  Layer by layer information is created. Photos, visuals, platforms and connections for sharing the information of.  Human connections that read and will share on.

If all the bots reading your page end up getting lost in the links traveled through the page gets a lower Search Engine Rank Page attached to it.  This will make your page or post harder to find.

Campaigns are just that.  A set of steps organized where the one thing focused upon becomes known in a positive way.

Encourage the use of personalized tools and apps

Utilization of apps and tools are a necessity to any campaign. With many are out there we’ll be looking at a selected few.

Understanding that part of compliancy is the uploading of the page or post time frame.  Fractions of a millisecond are what is aimed for. Efficiency of the broadband use is the focused aim.

Each platform you use is offering share apps and tools. The choice to have a ‘communal ‘ tool on your computer or masks over the post or page you are sharing with your viewers.  The choice could be influenced by the internet application the viewer is using.  For instance, the Personal Computer has room for the share platform share buttons.  Watches could be a different thing altogether though.  Again this is a basic thing you, the owner of the article on the web page needs to consider.

Introducing a few sharing tools utilized

The little buttons you select  such as the Pinterest button or twitter button do slow down your computer.  However, this is a tool choice you make for ease of sharing.

One tool also used is the TidyURL application tool that allows an invisible layer, called  masking, to go over what you share.  The buttons are there for people to push.  Again it is up to the user which tool they want to have available for the reader to use.  That would depend on how the broadband readers are reading from.  This affects the users SERP rating on that broadband.

Developed for the WordPress users is the TidyURLapplication that connects to the Domains name.  Now the bots are redirected through a shortened link  that is ‘owned’ by the Domain and not the host.  This is less work for the bots.  Therefore is more tends to add favor to the SERP of your page.

Take a holistic view of your sales campaign

Someone once state that “Content is King”  Nowdays, the phrase is more like “Content is King.  But connection is Queen. And the Queen Rules”.  The emphasis through the hosts is to lower the necessity of people relying on keywords, big photos and external black hat methods of getting people to take notice of your products.

In an interconnected user society people are wanting people to people contact.  The campaigns that reach out to the people, gain their trust, and share their word of mouth opinion of your goods, services and products are the ones that will survive.  The small corner approach to people who are willing and ready to give, or create something of value, swap their expertise with tools and apps  in exchange for your product.

That value increases your campaigns social value.  Take note of the above information as you learn about marketing. Be aware that it is the people that spend their money.  Not the internet generated bot. Also take note that the best way of improving search engine results is to spend ninety percent of your time taking that content out to the public.

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Susan Lewis

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