Susan Lewis Autistic, Online and Loving IT. Susan writes for Susan Lewis marketing sharing the information and practical knowoeledge of fixing the frustration gaps when you are developing a community within an organisation that really was happy with the status quo. This of course translated to well leave it to you to do. Thank fully technology is now well used. The youth are showing the older generations. The youth now much 'stuff' but sometimes an older head within a crowd of young shoulders sees what others are missing. Maybe its the been there and done something similar feeling. Make use of Susan Lewis Marketing's sites search box.

Connecting online and real life personal challenge ‘s is amazing. Personal challenges, heightened by looking at the world through Autistic perspectives. Altogether making things doubly creative and fun was the mixing of practical knowledge to get different outcomes.

Throwing in a creative quantity knowledge bits and pieces. Including things avoided. Carrying negative real life advertising and writing experiences were holding back online experiences. Opening new doors as practice occurs.

Suddenly a real life personal challenge commitment occurred. A challenge to move forward. Something online, not directly done before. Direct advertising. From the point of making a direct advertising video. One that states “Come on, it’s time in your life to put fun into what your are doing.. Join in”.

A Real Life Personal Challenge

Procrastination worked well as to successfully procrastinate you need to have everything just perfect. Yes it takes time to work out a niche. However communities already have a vision and mission statement. What that organisation, community or business stand for are their niche. What a campaign stands to benefit with is the direct target. Bringing people to the goods or services on offer.

Decidewhatyoureallywant Real Life Personal Challenge
Decide what you really want , more than you are afraid of it. Then do it.

Look at it this way drill narrow , drill deep until that niche is basically females who have been in an organisation, or a community, who need to have events, run events, track, organize, sort out, delegate, and all that. Get the ‘things’ out there so that their participants, the family members, all happens and people come. Whether it be to organize to go on a children’s camp, or to fund-raise for an event, or the event itself. Those type of things. These people are they type of people I am looking to aim for. Re-targeting of that niche until the niche goes from “Building Autistic, Online and loving it communities.” to females running and organizing the information behind the events and activities that people, parents, participants, committees, organisations and the community need to be aware of.

Everything in this real life personal challenge then begins to come together. Rather than splatter in any puddle that looks interesting, generally making a mess, refining and cutting back processes are made. Hunting for places looking for specific peoples that will resonate with this message, that of offering to show how coping getting things organised, progressing and completed with minimized hassles and intrusions into personal time managed life, while involving tapping into as many people around “doing their own thing” should bring an improvement in your time management.

SusanLewisandLogo Real Life Personal ChallengeYou have a wonderful day. If you need some help give us a yell. You know where I’ll direct you. This is my view. I’ve been there. I’d love to hear your adventures. And I will hear you later when you like, comment and subscribe. And definitely share this video.

P.S. There is lots of space available for placing precious Life Personal Challenge precious pieces of information. Just enjoy connecting.

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