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Gidday I am Susan Lewis I made it through a bootcamp then went onto experience a personal search for myself. The outcome of which was achieved over a few years. Things got a bit messed up as the layers started to come away. Today capped it off with this simple video explanation that reaches into the heart of community development, right through into situational leadership. Situational leadership being something covered in later posts.

Everyone who makes it through Bootcamps are winners within their own rights. Bootcamps have been designed to literally strip the layers away enabling the participants to come to grips and identify what has been holding them back.

whateverthemindcanconceiveandbelieveitcanachieve-Napoleon-Hill Personal Search For MyselfWhat this community is there providing is support. The same as was within the Australian Girl Guide movement. As a leader in that movement for just short of a twenty year period not many , including myself, could figure out why I had so much trouble dealing with the local levels of Guiding. The youth and adult members of the units I was running or a direct part of were fine. The State and above sections and committees were great to be assisting with.
Looking back I understand where the temperament challenges came from.

Understand that until the personal search for myself really began in Mid 2014 the remains of the PostTraumatic Shock Syndrome so well hidden in the Autism Spectrum traits I had let take over me. Okay there was no memory from the first thirty-one years of my life. Bits slipped out over the years yes. Actions were automatic as though I was programmed like a computer. Understanding and the connections between concepts just were not happening.

In 2008 a friend needed help. A Behaviour Management Psychologist was found. Actually I ended up going instead of the friend. This Psychologist was also an Autism Specialist. 2009 the diagnosis came through. Thing is nothing registered. Oay so it was a piece of information that nothing was connecting too. In a way life was like running a race. With no memory being like having no legs other ways were developed. Just the mind did not recognise the loss of the leg functions.

Video Helped in Personal Search For Myself

Today I saw the video included here. Today I have finally found out why teamwork was so difficult for others to get through to me about. I could teach and show team work. But without that continuing personal search for myself happening the connecting of the dots did not compute. Many people on the Autism Spectrum are isolated. Refer to the above race scenario.

Leadership comes easily once it is explained. Working as part of team is easy… as long as you are in control of that section within the team. However, stepping back from the leadership role and working as a team member now that is a challenge and a half.

Through the Six Figure Mentors Bootcamp you may be forced to see the cliffs and bumps in your future pathway to your dream. Without the Platinum course would I have been as accepting of this video message or would my personal search for myself carry on? I do not know the answer to that question. What I do know is this search has no end. Purely because it is a life’s journey as unique for me as yours is for you.

SusanLewisandLogo Personal Search For MyselfI also know that the universe is a big, wide, wonderous thing that I, thankfully, am not in charge of. laughingly can you imagine the planets, stars, space particles saying… “I’m autistic…… leave me in my own isolated space to do my own thing.” Autism has a uniqueness. Autism is not an excuse factor. Heavens above that universe is so finely into teamwork and balance every atoms accounted for.

Personally I think this borrowed cartoon has just realigned my own personal search for self as once again those pink elastic boundaries have just expanded.

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