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Gidday I’m Susan Lewis currently though in Australia there now is a Pension Asset Test.  People are feeling the pinch and now this is really happening to those most vulnerable.
Over the next few weeks  the Australian people will hear be told what they were not given time to hear about the Pension Asset Test due to the date of the press release.
What has this got to do with Susan Lewis Marketing?  There are many people the world over that stay away from politics.  I was one of them.  However life’s journeys have some strange roads to take.
Cliffswithin-lifesjourneyphone Pension Asset Test
Jumping for joy. Acknowledging the cliffs within life’s journey

Plus  there is a bit of self interest involved.  Besides my age, my mother is 81.  Many of my older friends are already just scrapping into the pensioner age bracket.  Inflation of land values  with a depression economic forecast may mean that the pensioner  stands on the edges of a very deep Pension Asset Test void.

A friend of mine and her family lives in a shipping container on a back country plot of land.  Most of the time this land is drought dry.  In the later part of 2016  the keys to a second block that had a house on it were handed back to the bank. Middle of 2016 this friend takes on Local Council.  Enough was enough. Just after the family moved there the council rezoning occurred. Hamstrung now by council laws of ” no businesses were allowed to be entered into” in that zone it meant that growing chocks for restocking purposes was not allowed.  That ‘council’ law included online website creation. Ended up she ran for local council.  SusanLewisandLogo Pension Asset TestThe combination of the Six Figure Mentor training and support gave this lady the push needed to head in a totally different direction.

Along the ups and downs she had found that local council was going to be too restrictive.  Credit where credit is due in the weeks preceding the voting the hopeful Local Council representatives learned a lot.  Weekly training and modules to connect with were only part of the election hands in training.

Federal politics be ware of this targeted  Pension Asset Test group.  This lady has learned why an in depth campaign needs to be started a long time earlier.

Leaders take the lessons learned from one thing, learn from them then incorporate these with other lessons learned.  The next election is the Federal election rather than a Council election.

The Pension Acid Test is a launching place. As such the pension Acid test is alive.  The internet working in favour of active people are coming out of the woodwork.  Banding together. Their voices being heard.

Personally my political opinions are usually kept quiet.  What i have seen is that those who are targeting the targeted are ‘pleasantly’ surprised when the great Australian Spirit comes out and bites back.  Especially when there are issues such as the Pension Acid test slipping through the cracks within a broken system.

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