Digital Brisness lounge has a great little resource. As a complimentary resource doubles as an online filing system. Once your own menus are created you connect this to a range of autoresponders.

Note : In this case Awber is reffered to. Simply as its the one i use and therefore I know about enough to explain about. Any other challenges with it’s straight to the back office library or email / place a phone call to the companies support desk. Great service too by the way. I’ve failed enough with the autiresponder and made a lot of mistakes that moving forward with knowledge is now with confidence as well.

At this point several things can happen so this is the step by step system explained.
By now the Ideas of lists [ refer above link] has been decided.
1) Now decide what catergories the inforamtion will be divided into.
Food may need several different lists as do the guests need to know the intimate costing and pricing details?
Or if there is a dress within the theme well who wants 25 pink elephants at a ‘wild thing’ party??
2) Create a menu to suit the intended receiver.
3) Take whatever the URL is online, Copy the URL. Place that URL into this TidyURL filing system. Here’s how it works. {Video this with JING.}
4) Cookies [aka Tracking Pixels] have now been embedded into the TidyURL. Therefore the emails can and are able to be tracked. Or the people hitting the pictures in the private group are being noted.
for those people who know that ever place has a tracking system buit within… this is one tracking system where everything is able to be tracked. All it takes is a little effort to remember to quickly go through the process.

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