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Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis. A few years ago a list building report was sent to me. Not knowing or understanding the major impact and benefits a community, group, family or even old school chums collecting every members or attendees emails was no one locally connected with the flow of people through their communities.

Voluntarily Leadership of youth meant asking parents for their child’s details and optional was collecting email contact details. Then passing these onto head office. As many of the children and young adults showed strong traits of Autism the programs were constantly being adapted to suit. Head office collected emails as they were needing to create a list. For the regional, state and national events and camps Head office and other organisers reached to the community where the details indicated ‘special’ needs. We though were needed to plan, implement and run the local activities.

 But many people needing to create a list are not Autistic

Whereas I am. When I first read it I’m looking for solutions  Other than that just about everything went over my head as well.  There was nothing wrong with this.  Just this list building report heralded change. So while the bottle neck of change information settled down other things were done. This allowed a few ideas that matched the solution to be gently familiarised and worked through into an overall working concept.

How Simple! The list is needed so that ‘mailing’ may begin. being aware of what may happen with the emails is why the list building report was produced.

On bulk or individually everyone can become informed of when meetings were and where. Competitions. Social events.Where to catch up for social activities.  Even various places online where businesses were looking for people to Beta test applications and other tools while at home.


Read again the List Building Report.

Notetake your way through the process time and time again. Everytime I read it something new is there.   Things that each time I reread it something else stands in front of my eyes and introduces itself.

Believe it, or not, there is a huge amount of action in that report. Enough to keep you busy from the moment you pick up the report to a few weeks busy from the moment you pick up the report to a few weeks past the time you last you last read what  is inRed-overlooped-arrow-pointing-upwards-to-the-left-e1474440939752-200x200 needing to create a list

there. The link for your copy of the List building for profit is


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