need that list building

Gidday I am Susan Lewis, the further I looked into emails, what they were, and why we as community developers needed emails when there are so many social platforms available the reason that individuals need that list building ability became apparent. People involved in community volunteering may have be given emails in the past. These were probably forwarded on to head office. When you read the List Building Report and find the Gold Nugget solutions like I gradually did Looking For Solutions to “Why did I NEED that List Building Report?” other aspects became clearer.

Yes with a nearly twenty years in community development via a volunteer leadership role I was Looking For Solutions as to why do I NEED that List Building in the first place? This post is written to help people understand why the building of the list is important. Throughout Susan Lewis Marketing website is information shared involving how and why the the people behind committees who ran well achieved what they set out to do.

The most important aspect was communication. Word of Mouth communication was effective then. The communication boiled down to the old equivalent of the telephone tree. That is everyone had someone to connect with and keep informed.

When communities were kept informed and felt that they too were a part of the goings on, the attendance to meetings, events, and other general support came forward. Now people leave the meeting heading out of family range.

The disintegration of families into uni family quickened the non-connect within communities simply because communication links were removed. Someone had to remember to inform all the relatives, invite them individually.

Need that list building report more than ever now.

With the same relative list, and added email contacts , an invitation sent out via email now would ping in the phones. Message from you received. “hey …. our son xyz, has a …. happening. interested in progress or attendance, family photos etc…. emails placed in this landing page will be kept informed.”

Another that having relatives all over the world using different social platforms and an eighty one year old mother has really brought home is the need for relatives to be directly emailed in case of certain circumstances. In times of stress going onto several different social platforms and plastering to the world hoping these relatives will see the message seems counter productive.

However sending that prewritten personalized email now that is different.

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