What strikes the people strolling around the Churchill Market is the fresh looking openness of the Myrtle Grove Produce on display.  Even the air around the vegetables for sale has a crispness about attached.  Right away the market goers sense there is a fair deal and honesty with purchases from Kory. All in all this makes sense as the produce on display is literally from the the Myrtle Grove farms gates.

Myrtle Grove produce comes from the Parent business of Myrtle Grove Farms which are  based in the Strzelecki Rangers.

Kory is one of the of farming family generations associated with Myrtle Grove properties.

The story behind the why bring to market is as follows
Myrtle Grove Pumpkin Pieces
Myrtle Grove Produce : Pumpkin Pieces for purchase

A few years ago one of the brothers decided to grow pumpkins. Where else but on the family farm. The soil and conditions were just right.

Soon a glut of pumpkins presented themselves. The challenge was what do you do with an overabundance of pumpkins. There is only a certain amount of pumpkin recipes a family freezer can hold. Pumpkin seeds roasted. Then again planting them for a new field of pumpkins might have lead to trouble. So too could leaving them out there to attract unwanted wildlife.

That was the beginning of Myrtle Grove Produce

When telling the “Why” of being at the market family member Kory stated that when this challenge was stated one brother said to the avid pumpkin grower… ” I own the land. Your problem”.

Green and red capsocums. Produce of Mertyl Grove Farms.
Capsciums from Mertyl Grove Produce

Wholesalers were approached. No luck there. Capciums from Mertyl Grove Produce So to the different farmers markets the family

went. That was 2009. The rest as they say is now becoming a future with a three generation past.

Now attending these farmers markets:


Leaving the display behind you are aware that anything created for your family that was purchased from Kory has a definite possibility of presenting well while tasting really great.


Susan lewis Marketing
Susan Lewis

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