Mobile-friendly Test

Googles Checking out the mobile friendliness of pages, posts and sites with RankBrain Ai

RankBrain AI and a Mobile-friendly Test

Early December 2016 Googles AI RankBrain came to peoples attention.  One of the things RankBrain is set to challenge is the mobile friendliness of what ever page you are working on and submitting to google for com pliancy and reading.

This site though this still being checked over for evergreen posts needing updating.

RankBrain is checking things out for webmasters. The big need is to know if the page you are working on will be mobile friendly. One of the requirements of Google RankBrain AI Algorithm AI.On a multi electric blue tone backdrop there is a white placard with green text that reads “Page is mobile Friendly” .  Further saying in black text “This page is easy to use on a mobile device”  Words that are like warm honey to any users as they are able to find your stiff through all your SERP and SEO with syndication efforts.

Displays of what the “Page is mobile-friendly ” virtual certificate looks like along with the ‘green Mobile-friendly Test’ as it passively suggests all is ready to go.   Another prompt to get going and syndicate. Grabbing hold of the published social media URL to use TidyURL, or the Unique YourtidyURL, and claim that socially shared pages viewers into your own ‘future members’ cache.  Technology is so touchy these days that IP addresses are trackable.  So defiantly claim the people that like, share or comment on anything you are syndicating.

You’ve got the page mobile friendly make it now List building friendly.

Passing the Mobile-friendly Test

Something that was once shown and long looked for is the Submit to google  button.  Easy to access the Submit to Google button defiantly a plus within your syndication sleeve.  evergreen posts updates are one thing that this button gets used for.  Depending on how frequently the site your working with gets updated the submission assists the bots to ‘find and read’ what you have posted within a few hours. And therefore people looking for what you have posted will find the information frequently faster.Google RankBrain AI looks for mobile friendliness within the pages that it crawls over.

Mobile-friendly Test to Crawl, Fetch and Submit

Efficiently you submit the URL and Google Fetch gives a diagnostic  and debug of any crawling and rendering errors. Step one is Fetch and Step to is the Submit to Index the notification.  Two steps that requests the bots crawl your site.

Over and above just a Mobile-friendly Test

The open statewide usability report  uses the search console.  Your verified property is chosen once it is added and Google will read the whole site for you.

The thing is that who is there where you are to ask for help in this matter.  An email complete with a jing video is just going into our Digital Business lounges back office.  in turn they will send a video back as soon as they are able.

Welcoming in with a thank you. as now that circumstances have changed create a 'to do' list with mentoring systems and personnel. aligned with your passion for freedom.
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

 However there are always people with far greater experience that myself.  By am I still learning this stuff.  So a note in the Community Groups forum will also be going in.

Old fashioned fulfillment means action starts today.  Know your action now is to be clicking on the banner below.

Reach for a sense of accomplishment each day.

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