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What the heck are Micromanaging challenges?

Explained by an 87 year old lady who was training me for Girl Guide leadership.  Together we were preparing the Brownie Guide  Program for that term and the Guides wanted to celebrate World Thinking day.  All the girls wanted was a cake with candles.  What they needed was to learn and practice kitchen safety.  As a Girl Guide Leaders Trainer Kath was showing a younger leader  what the steps were to bring the Girls through a series of  learning process.

“Susan! Countless of examples are all around every thing done in life.  You want to bake a cake.  What cake? Where are the ingredients? Need anything else? A round cake or a heart shaped one? Whose coming to eat it?

micromanaging-is Micromanaging challenges
Way to go… a journey that is broken into bite size pieces.

Sounds simply silly thinking about micro-managing like that.  Then came ” Out of all this everything your choose to have a choice from presents a micromanaging challenge.”

Then Kath asked about notifications to parents to come to Thinking Day.  “Are there going to be invitations? Then who is making them? ”  Now there were two micro managing challenges to consider turning into meeting time programs.  Gradually Kath showed through practice how several micro-managing challengers made up a smaller macromanaging challenge.  Over time these 90 minute meeting times became term programming. Term programming became yearly programming.  From here an overview of what Guiding as a District was about.

Micromanaging challengers online

Behind building autistic, online and loving IT communities has plenty of micromanaging challenges.

Micro-managing challenges


Caching up though a Facebook Live video lead to another round of micromanaging challenges.  These ones were just bigger than baking a cake.

Surprisingly many quantifying results came through micromanaging the last 90 day challenge. The difference between then and now is the macromanaging system now in place.

SusanLewisandLogo Micromanaging challengesStrangely anticipation was sizzling along all the nerve endings. Connecting the simple invitation to a pre-programmed World Thinking day lead to other events. Importantly there was the focused training of reversing the little things planned.  Events macromanaged breaks down into many smaller stepping stones.

The pathway making the experiences in both life and community development connect into whats happening online these days is through a simple video series leading into the BluePrint modules.

Anyway, those life experiences have helped sort out what goes where with this new Toronto 90 day challenge. Rather than freaking out this really looks like fun

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