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Hello my name is Susan Lewis and there are times where I really just want to jump in and enjoy making a mess of the learning process while at others to learn to fly in the shortest possible time frame. The difference being management verses final quality of outcome. When younger and learning the trade of people care the viewpoint was more on quality in a work place where quantity had to be accountable for. Life has a hand in the balance and learning processes in many ways. Now there are learning challenges left over from a truck imploding through the van I was driving. The life long social challenges came from being on the Autism Spectrum.

Learning new things, absorbing that knowledge then putting it into action has some crazy steps included.

It seems for me there are two ways of learning. Jump in boots and all only to find out the things as you go along. Or stick my head in a book and learn by route. One has the effect of mucking up without guidance the other is learning step by step route process. Either way a creative piece of confusion seems to follow. Mine or someone else’s is a good question.

joining-DBL-wordpress101 Mess of the learning processAttending courses online where there was little interaction or only classroom time interaction brought out solitude. Soon the mind began to wander. Loneliness became an ongoing issue.

The ideal place to learn needed to be somewhere that could be relate the Social Media experience practiced for years with online marketing aspects. Similar in part to previous real life product sales in that a build up of trust needed to be there. Major communication issues came to the fore front.

One day a person who would be a mentor sent me a link. I must have pressed on a banner or something similar to this one. watching those marketing videos was a terrific bonus. Finally something that the action replay could happen with.

towardsa Mess of the learning process

Right at that moment the feeling of finally having found a place where there were people who would guide me through the process. Well, other than set support staff, not the bootcamp. The bootcamp is for working out who you are and why you are wearing that body hosting that mind and those self beliefs.

Seemed to good to be true….. so I went in to see for myself

Through Here

Life happens and it took a while, but the introductory modules were completed. Must admit that each time I go back there seems more information within the modules. However it seems there were great areas missed out on. Going back helped.

SusanLewisandLogo Mess of the learning processHelped in a method of learning that both had creative flexibility to explore who I was and how that impacted on what I was to do with my journey being travelled. The level of integration between what was needed and what was on offer was amazingly streamlined. Rearranged and included within what has turned out a remarkable journey. This included having the mess of the learning process adding flavour into the journey!.


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