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A truism about Link Juice Momentum

Once upon a time Link Juice momentum was ” just there”  Like magic in the early wild wild west days of the internet  the age of a site and the posts associated meant that the pages had easier access to good SERP influence.  Then along came antilogarithm to change that.  Pigeon effectively meant that if you came from a place then you were the first there to be shown to others who were also in that region of the world.  And in the future Googles new AI RankBrain  may alter everything once again.

 These days in order to be fully utilizing Link juice momentum you have to create that momentum in the first place.   Syndication covers this phase of constantly getting your message to your targeted audience. Once they click on that message what ever is associated to that message gets that spurt of Link Juice momentum going.

 Keep the link juice momentum moving

Consistency in creating link Juice momentum involves a time and labor swap while learning new skills for many people.
People who take the time to go to the very basics of what they are doing to achieve what the dream is become aware of more things that need doing. There is a point where excuses allowing procrastination for learning more and more has to be placed aside and left alone. So get going. Sort your things out. Contact me. organise a webinar appointment/ And action your passion into life Using Link Juice MomentumWhere some people believe that Affiliate Access SFMer’s  are expected to know what they are doing when they come through the SFM doors the varieables to this statement mean that each situation is unique.  Sun-downers, or people living in TinyHouse travelling from one free campspot to another, that i know of do not have the budget set aside to just throw at advertising. Most have little idea about the vastness within the Online Marketing world.  I know that for all the years I had on social media there was so much that was not even on the horizon let along known about.
What was known was the social media side of things.  What was experienced was a sudden stop in the Social media while I grappled with learning a multitude of new things
However, what you have available as an Affiliate Access SFMer is a fresh approach to setting up what it is you want to achieve. Particularly the inclusion in using other tools and apps at your disposal that are comfortable to you.  Spread sheets, surveys and polls, visual arts and videos just to name a few.

Focus to build that Link Juice momentum

The basic marketing tools that formed the basis what Jay Kubersakk and  and Stuart Ross started with get going,… sort your things out then action your passion.
When you are ready to gain that extra push and polish to your posts check out the Student Affiliate options.  With the options available is where the work you have already put in will start to really show results
Now you will begin to notice the difference because of what you are seeing on the Autoresponder and the Tracking Stats Spread Sheet .​​​​​
 Syndication helps create Link Juice momentum

These are things I found happening as syndication begin to really get into action mode. Connecting the topical blogging posts through into the automated messages and broadcasting throughout to the list while also further sharing each email out to the social sharing sites. These actions should also help you.

Link Juice Momentum takes a while to get sorted out. be active and get it going. learn to ride the link Juice momentum wave with a community that is here, online, 24/7/365
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset.

Note that the actions are not exclusive. I have no doubt that you will add to it and develop your own syndication systems. However , the videos I am sharing with you should act as a good guide to start you off.

As promised when you first joined my list here it is… hit the ‘click here’ button below and we’ll catch up on the other side.

Link Juice momentum currently is operational and used by many Search Engine Optimized sites. Knowing how to improve SEO using link juice in various ways, then how to improve on your results.. Keeping up to date with all the Alograthyms is a change many webmasters and SERP and SEO based operations learn to fall forward with. When people go to training and upskilling online facilitates such as the Digital Experts Academy they are opting for sopeific trainings. Whith the Six figure mentors the basic traiings and use of the tools along wioth setting up the foundational knowledge is there for them. The Affiliate access incorporates many already personalized places and tools the people are familiar with. linking these to the tools and Apps from SFM. email training and updates are sent out to the email supplied on a two daily basis. These are written from a participants point of view.

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