Remember grandparents muttering about their challenges dealing with those new fangled things in life.

People make simple little statements that have become a bridge between what is wanted to happen and what is actually happening.

Right now, somewhere in the world, there are people with products wanting help.

The authority within the statement of Seth Godin’s is as powerful today as when it was made.

“Don’t find customers for your products.  Find products for your customers”.

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Life with personal learning systems in place…..MMMM

People organize a party.  The need to clean up the place before hand is there. Do they really want to do the clean up afterward?  The product line  being the ‘experience of a “cleaned place smelling and looking wonderful.’ expertise. Added to this the extra time, peace of mind experience, alongside family benefits.

Consider the phone calls on a dial up phone. How many people do you know that do not have a mobile handset? The internet has made communications between people both easier accessible and quicker. Families spread all over the world are contactable – as long as there is the internet.

In today’s world ‘pen to paper’ letters are not a normal thing anymore.  Instead, people answer the ring of the phone or the blip of an incoming message. Therefore selling courier pigeons you

have raised and trained would not have a large open market.  With the courier pigeons being the product where are the customers?  However, if you made the paper for the messages that go around the leg there, you have the product for your customer.  A small select hobby customer base.

The same thinking applies to the learning of skills or the upskilling of people needing training. Your diligent research shows you there is a growing need for people to upskill.  Compliantly creating

your own product line that meets all the international standards, measurements, and tests, then finding your customers for your products would be a marathon effort in a saturated market.

Starting with a digital education system already in place makes much more sense.  Now there is the product that you need to share with your customers.

roll life, with personal learning challenges

Dealing with new things in my own life, with personal learning challenges, has been one significant challenge.  Finding an ease in transition between the new things in life, plus the understanding of instructional words and concepts took time.  Therefore, things that proved to be challenging were side-stepped.Until I opened an email sent that allowed me to understand there was more out there than I thought possible.  Once the tools, applications and structure were in place, and my confidence grew, I found I really did want to share this with people.  And so here I am sharing this alternative digital link with you.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 life, with personal learning challengesAnd you know… it’s as simple as that.

The products, knowledge, information, applications, community, experts, peers on the learning scale and so much more are right behind this link.




Welcome to life, with personal learning positives shared.

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