Ever felt up your sleeve wanting and handkerchief, and a lots, hidden memory prevails?

Just now I was sorting out a file on the computer.  Actually looking for a few more smile things since finding out how to convert a word document into PDF format.  Just think there are a few little e-books about to get created.  Mark another thing off my bucket list.

Being here as a digital educational distributor has so many ups. One of the best is having all the apps and tools a marketer can utilize throughout their personal daily lives, as well as the times from the bright idea, the campaign preparation to conclusions.

Cleaning and sorting out the computer is just another one of the perks. And there I find this attempt and the poem.  The photos now converted.  Even though the poem is small its point is direct. Potent and the memories of ten years ago have hit home once again.

So much is changing.

Come with me on what feels like its this magical carpet ride through the sky and beyond.  Should I make the choice ever again then my choice would have been to save this kitten cat.  It had gone through so much.

A beautiful mainly white[ when older], very long haired cat.  Found in the bush with its

Ohtobeabletohavesdonesomethingsooner Life one reprieve after the other. Is there another up my sleeve?
A stray kitten resting on my shoulder during the night.

mother. Both strays. Brought here.  A home found for it.  They moved on – leaving this cat a stray.

Later to find it within the hedge.  There was nothing I could do except care for this now feral cat that had come home to die. At that point the bank balance was zero and probably minus a few.  Know the feeling?


So here to a cat.  The memories of which spur me on to better things that what I could offer this one once again found and loved.

trial-120x600 Life one reprieve after the other. Is there another up my sleeve?

Good bye little friend

Today’s the day

I take her away

All morning

She’s been purring

Wanting the play

Cuddling up, begging to stay

Her friendly eyes

Unknown knowledge making them wise

Like you, your mum had the flu,’

I know what I’ve got to do

I watched over her till her end

My backbone is steel, unable to bend

It makes me sad, I want to cry.

Cause I know either way it’s good-bye.

No money for the bills

Unable to treat you gives me the chills

The rubbish bin will smell strange

Life sucks, when money is just out of health’s range.

Wouldn’t you believe it.  A reprieve.

Wonder if I have another up my sleeve?

When this poem was written things were really scarce.  Time, money, education and upskilling, if and through which venues were offering.


Yes.  having these digital projects yo my sleeves have come in handy so often.

When you have something you would like presented well…then this link will help because

with the tools in the ::


what else can you create?

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Life one reprieve after the other. Is there another up my sleeve?




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