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Learning in the present to prepare for the future has altered.

Universities are finally coming around to people’s requirements for online learning in the present environments. Traditional institutions convey the continuance of a belief system founded with “traditional society values”. Often dividing the community into haves and have nots. This who have a dept and those who have little education and a rental property. In comparison to students who qualify and end up so far dept they find themselves settling for a mediocre pen pushing 9 to 5 job, a mortgage and being tied down  in debt burdens,flashy cars and ultra mod cons and other trappings.

Recognition that people have a need to learn anything, learn together and learn with experts has emerged. There are many institutions where people are joining online courses. Choosing from hundreds of different courses. Meeting online other learners from all around the world. Learning in an online environment where learning is as easy, and as natural, as chatting with a group of friends. Or not. As people go from one course to another,

Capturing time. Where the old and new are being blended in to each other - so too was learning in the present when attending the Inaugural Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day 2014. Shown in this photos is the Historic Clock steeple blending into the corner stones of the modern building behind. Sydney, New South Wales. Australia.
Inaugural Momentum Day 2014. Historic Clock in Sydney New South Wales. Australia.

within the platforms, there will be times these people recognize each other. If they were involved in something in one class there is a commonality basis for now being included in another conversation and activity somewhere or sometime someplace else.  This learning In the present networking occurring through learning platforms is the go.

Meeting people who’ll share their experiences through videos, articles quizzes, and open discussions is a starting point within a person’s education and learning growth. This is where the real and virtual worlds collide mixed with learning in the present real-time aspects

Combination of traditional and modern while Learning In the Present

The community build upon deeply rooted past ritualistic values and customs is giving way to modernization.  Often lost somewhere in the confusion of modern Halocratic educational, learning and upskilling systems

Discovering that community constantly developing , growing and even experiencing the stretching of the outer layers as its members take on new systems, work through. Then on sharing  and passing on the information in order to train, educate and allow up-skilling of other members is an amazing feeling.

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With Learning In the present where to from here

Some of the people I know have reached through from the older learning systems and are now achieving their future dream gently.  Others have come from trades and industries and are totally enjoying having time with their partners, children. and even extended family members.

Welcoming in with a thank you. as now that circumstances have changed create a 'to do' list with mentoring systems and personnel. aligned with your passion for freedom.
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

Most have struggled as foundations for changing their way of learning as well as actioning that knowledge  are constantly on the change. However,  to have the basics and move with the flow from that moment onwards makes being rough and raw around the edges Unique . When they went back time and time again the changes had become more familiar.They ‘grow’ use the challenges to slowly adapted to the changes that took on a life of their own. A new direction has often emerged

Gradually achieving lifestyle changes as well through smaller outcome stepping stones being recognised and related to.

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Learning in the present day world has issues. Schools claim to have a focus on preparing their students for the future. It's troubling then that adult learning in the present tme is inflicted with personal identity cricises,and predominantly resistance to invisability for the things online. Abstractively this raises the prospect of a newly emerging epistemological ecotone where adult learning has the characteristics of isolated individualism. Online learning is something akin to being at summer school all year. This shows that the students agree with self sufficiency, self direction and self assessment as there are three important factors of learning in the present. It could be said that online learning employs the philosophy that encourages the people to investigate the origin, nature, methods and limits to their own human knowledge. Then move forward and crush the learning curve to pieces by expanding their own integrated skills. Sure, as we leave behind the Artificial Intelligence error and branch away into the RoboAge where will the simple pleasure of knowing you have finally cracked the tracking code... with a little bit of help and camaraderie from another human.


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