To hit the red X‘s is dangerous

When something happens and you know it was you that hit the red “X’s”, what do you do?

For me, I was in the link shortening tool called TidyURL. In the menus searching for something.

Having just deleted some spare not even used lists from AWeber.  The associated automatic responder that’s  linked to the menus mentioned.  Unthinkingly I went to close the menus for  this time and simply hit the Red “X”  in the top righthand corner.  ‘Woops’ wrong X to push.  Mistakenly thinking ‘close menu’ when I know hit the red X had always meant Delete. And delete it did.

One small action  was repeated several times.  And together quite a lot of links between posts and social media sharing suddenly became ‘void’  renames as 404’s.  Which of course is the third time this has been done by myself!

Way too many emotions arrive to hit the red X

Shamed and embarrassed has nothing to compare with.  However, this action took nearly two months to tell someone about. In between there was the issue of avoidance and confusing as how

neverbeafraidtitry-remember-285x400 Know when to hit ... the Red 'X's"
Remember Amateurs built the Arc. Professionals the Titanic !

did one get something like that back.  The answer currently is they don’t./  The damage is done.

Then it was simply a matter of associating the Google analytic’s side of thing.  Way to many bounces of bots and people onto the now pages, posts, pictures articles  all being 404’s.

What halted a loss of confidence through the “OH NO I’Ve done THAT again”  riding high experience was something called confession. In the SFM community, there is AWake up call.  Five times a week this is broadcast. Active with community members participation some raise their hand to be on the panel.  Nicknamed “Bobble-heads mind you.  There are the fun catch up times before the live streaming.

However to hit the red brought forward possitive changes

Speaking up in response to something else being spoken about out ‘it’ comes – the loss of the Shortened Links again. Added to the end was “Now I have created a spread sheet that tell me”… and I will be recording”

Besides feeling much freer within self there was a fail it forward ‘ method in reinforcing the learning processes.

The host of the AWakeUp call is JJ.  JJ previously had heard from Stuart Ross this expression “Why waste a good disaster”  And loosing those links is the equivalent of a disaster in the making.

On the positive side you ever want to have reinforcement about checklists and recordings of URLs sharing please back these up by creating your own Spread Sheet data base.  This is a terrific action plan as now the sharing has to be five times as many links per UTL published.  Then maybe, just maybe to hit the red X bounce rate will start to become balanced in the associated Google

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Know when to hit ... the Red 'X's"
Hitting the red x’s left a trail.

analytic s.

Sincerely I wish that this remember of how to overcome the hitting of the RED X will be of benefit to you.

Need other information, hints and tips come on through.

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