Thank you for wanting a small remonder to smile every so often.

Just One Smile May Make Another Person’s Day

In a world where there are so many ways to make another person day, why then do people tend to choose to be glum, miserable and self fulling that their worth is pitifully low. Incorporating some positive within your own day may make way for being able to spot another glum chum and pass on the positive energy.   An smile , then to ask the other person is doing today and ask for a few details might take a bit of ‘guts’ with  forethought about a few questions.

Generally people who feel low, troubled or even depressed appear within drawn.  The balance between respecting the self imposed boundaries that society imposes on each of us causes many Autistic people some grief at times.

 Looking back on today was there a time where you could have made a persons day today.  One fleeting smile,   Was today a day of inspiration and ideas that your probably just a little bit high from?   It only takes  one complement to have made that persons day.  To be responsibly joyful just to be able to smile at your reflection and know you can sleep well tonight because  " I made a person day today.  I helped then unwrap their smile and let it loose on the world.Running up to someone and hugging them as though their life depended upon, it is not generally appreciated.  It’s called imposition of space, trespassing upon their self-esteem and who they are.  Unfortunately Autism for many of us is an inadvisable disability.  Characterized by swings and roundabouts.  Withdrawn but many of us need to give the hugs the other person really needs.

Why is it that the hurt of one person becomes a perpetual cycle?

Ideas to help make another person’s day

One person’s answer will be different from the others therefore the ideas need to be lightweight, easy to carry round and hand out.

Each will have reasons for one thing or another.  Backed up by excuses.  As you read this though below know that you can begin to turn on that smile of the day just through shear doggid determination.

What is the answer.  Something people can carry with them , share at no extra cost, does not need to be unwrapped and may freely be given, accepted and used, recycled as the receiver decides.

Literally the more you practice this giving and receiving, the less likely it will be to forget how.


Hurt People Hurt People.

That’s how pain patterns get passed on,
generation after generation.
Break the chain today.
Meet anger with sympathy,
Contempt with compassion,
Cruelty with kindness.
Greet grimaces with smiles.
Forgive and forget about finding fault.
Love is the weapon of the future
~  Yehuda Berg


People will come and go in your life. Bit the person in the mirror will be there til the end. Be nice To Yourself" And it sure feels good to know that you have made a person's day with a cuppa coffee and a biscuit or two.   Company is good and a smile shared.  It's heart warming.  When your having a hard to me late;y .... just knowing the smile is there, that its made someone 's day somewhere is touching in itself.  This in itself may seem small and insignificant .  But that smile  idea may seem small and insignificant at the time.    Making others smile makes you smile too!
Thinking ahead where are you in 365 days time? What about two years after that?

Will you always know if you have made another persons day

The answer  is to keep on smiling because without knowing you may have just made another persons day.  If not today, then maybe it was a smile you gave a while ago that the other person has responded too.  Just maybe some other person has received the smile  from a while ago. And that smile is coming back to you the long way.

When you get that smile it will have made your day as well cause what you give out will come back

Be welcomed.

Be the one first to have made another persons's day by saying hello to you as you measure your journey Successful leaders have the innate ability to inspire and make another persons day brighter, clearer and less closed in.These people keep it short. They keep it sweet. and they themselves keep on smiling. Knowing that even a twitch bring curiosity. And a smile bring pleasure.. Success leaders are like politicians. In that they recognize their followers will think: Who knew someone can make another persons day by just saying hi. Pausing waiting for a response and adding a smile to boot.. And that being able to post, and receive, a simple little text there is another opportunity just waiting there for a smile to be created. So remember that your smile might be the one to make a days for someone else. Smile for me today.
Keep on smiling…. other people begin to wonder what you have.

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