Susan Lewis Autistic, Online and Loving IT. Susan writes for Susan Lewis marketing sharing the information and practical knowoeledge of fixing the frustration gaps when you are developing a community within an organisation that really was happy with the status quo. This of course translated to well leave it to you to do. Thank fully technology is now well used. The youth are showing the older generations. The youth now much 'stuff' but sometimes an older head within a crowd of young shoulders sees what others are missing. Maybe its the been there and done something similar feeling. Make use of Susan Lewis Marketing's sites search box.

Needing to find new friends to include lessons learned ?

You know it has been a spine tingling, gyrate spurt of fits, starts, tears and frustration as you learned to incorporate the apps and tools. Yet here you are with the gradual knowledge of how these apps and tools have fitted into your everyday progression to a task completed. All your friends are going Arrrhhha.  When really the grey zone has been there since they opened to door.  People call this Arrrhhhh a courtesy allowing you to vent.

What do you do with this knowledge?  Expanding the reach out there without scaring others into the Blue Zone Arrhhhh moments may get  distracting or frustrating.  Even vilifying until the other methods are learned.

Include lessons learned as part of falling forward fast!

A one learning step at a time supported challenge method of work    . Be the challenge you take up videos for your own adverts, or VBlogging. Inclusive of the website creations. To have work with honesty and transparency progressive steps implementing the learning through to the transforming of yourself into an online affiliate marketer.  Sure include the tools found and everything else behind what has got you to this point

Include Lessons Learned
That point found at which to include lessons learned was done?

For more years than I care to remember the internet was a two edge sword.  One where both personal discovery  and  frustration were on opposite ends of the see saw.

yourgreatesttest include lessons learnedWith the Silver Level training of the Digital Experts Academy  to help people transition with understanding marketing systems is delivered.  Different areas in this silver level dealing with different aspects of building yourself a online business.  From the affiliate marketing and introducing businesses into online presence.  Right through to Importing / exporting of goods from countries all over the world.  Takes you through the initial concepts and into the distribution via platforms.  Additionally there are the Grovo mini education certificates to choose to up skill through.

Open up a door into a future maybe now considered.

 So much to include. Lessons learned to use used in all aspects.

Along with every one of the members know that we, the members of the community, are there to help our members succeed. Actually, between a situation of honesty vs brutal honesty to be debunking any doubters is a terrific feeling. As a state of mind bringing forward the value of members systematic mindset change is very satisfying.  Therein lay the challenge.

SusanLewisandLogo include lessons learnedWhat was needed was two fold.  Literally working online is isolating behavior.  The group of people around you slowly shrinks. Until you choose to enter the 90 day challenges this community creates to it’s members.  Then it’s as though there are so many other people to see snippets of their life though the challenges posts.

Along with heading into training webinars and those Momentum Days.


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