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Illusion or a belief are extremes! Or are they?

Two opposing ends of the belief system is that of illusion and total belief in something.  You know when you know you believe something.  So deeply that every time you think of that belief it is a living pulsating reality.  Yet there are three opposites to this total visual belief system. Someone who does not have the same belief as you. A person who has no belief at all. Or people who have a missing part with in their own belief system.  These three basic categories all have a range of people who have trouble seeing what you are seeing.

What are the practical uses for an illusion or a belief?

Belief that it is an  illusion, or a belief, to know strength comes in many forms and sizes leads us to enjoy  a ‘strong kid’ video.  There is no magic within.  Just a little fun with illusion. Or a belief within the main actor that has the adults wondering what has happened..

Learning a new skill, or following a known path you may need a mindset change.  Something that will show you a vastly different way of overcoming that old challenge.

When you think about the props and camera personal this gag would not have been possible without the support of others.  Therefore when you think about getting out there and marketing anything is being successful with what you are doing an illusion? Or a belief that the end result is worth it?

There are all sorts of marketing tools, apps and a community full of people who are making this online stuff a reality there when you push the banner below.

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Welcome . Is the fact that niche marketing is a priceless asset an illusion or a belief?


May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.



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