Like a dripping tap I kept bumping into the book “Copy This Idea” Written by Andrew Reynolds. Only took over two years and then I succumbed.

Made sure the money was on the card. Physically travelled into the bank and deposited more than enough as the book price was in Pounds and not Australian Dollars.

Yesterday I remembered that while in town I needed to pay a bill at the post office. “Susan your mail is filling the post box again”. Oh yes my parcel! Heck it was big and loose and floppy. I only ordered a book. Yes! There they were. A Module 1 workbook manual. Certificate for a consultation. A couple of CD and … oh yes the book. So I wondered what the …. I had got myself into. The cover letter [ also in the pavckage] explains it. Having got out the diary, noted down a couple of dates to remember as a decision needs to be made at that time It was what do I do next?

In the thirty-five minutes before the Skype call booking there was me reading this book. Had it not been for the preset alarm on the mobile [ which was down the other end of the house and ringing the Skype appointment would have chimed through and I would have jumped in shock.


Andrew Reynolds writing style is as an everyday man. A man who has been there , done that and knows that should others “Copy This Idea” then they too may well follow in his footsteps.

Simply put the book is riveting.

So much so that upon waking up three times last night :”Copy This Idea ” ended up in bed and being reread. Wow it is riviting.

Sleep finally claimed me.

Next thing is its early morning and the sunlight was thinking about coming over the hills. Venturing forth into the valley. The dog needed to go for his [ and mine] morning walk of about 6 km. Due to a ligament injury this walk takes a while. Not like last year when the push bike was ridden or the runs were in the hills. Now the walk is a one step in front of the
other one along a compact course grained sandy type of public footpath.

Idea! Take the book and read as I went. Think I only looked up at the four road intersections. People passing replied to there “hello”. Umm.. Hopefully they are alright with a mumbled “Hi” as I kept reading. One commented “Oh she’s reading a book” Reading … no I think I was so absorbed the world had ceased to be!

However a hundred pages further on than last night in the book – there is only another forty-seven to go. I just realised I am actually grieving the book ending. Where usually the first page and then the last chapter is read, “Copy This Idea” book has been read one page at a time.

Such a really enjoyable “how too…” book the realisation that there is not the hype through the book. There is nothing superior or inferior about the presentation of the book. Nor is there anything that suggests this is not the real deal. The words between the cover are just there.

“Copy This Idea” is so everyday speak written that I am sure I have missed great chunks of information. That said that information that has been missed will just have to wait. What was picked up is the need to action , tidy up and get moving with what is being done. Everything seems as though suddenly there is an amplification of awareness. That what I have looked and, emersed myself within for just over a year is indeed exactly right for me.

Andrew started from his spare room. Over the last year I have moved from my spare room and decluttered the lounge. No television in this house and so why waste a heaters warmth in winter? Why ‘cook’ in summer when the spare room may hit within the upper fouty Degrees Celcius due to the intensity of the sun.

Endorsing of products.

Maybe I am picky. Or just quirky. I have no idea. However knowing that the internet is full of schemes and hidden agenda’s, unless less I fully trust the company behind the product, and that product, use that product, then, and only then, will I endorse something.

Susan Lewis Marketing [ this site] is marketing your voice via the internet. The methods used. Progress reports. Yes in a way it is like a reference place.

A reference place that other people may rely on. Noted – that there are billions of products out there. Unless I want to head for an Autistic meltdown the products endorsed have to stand my usage tests as well as the support people behind their products. Believe me when I state that if there is a way to break it I will definitively find it. Seems to be a ‘talent’ of mine.

As soon as I can work out where the placement of the link goes enabling you to obtain your own copy that too will be here.

In the meantime it looks like I have less than an hours reading time before the night sets in. Then it’s onto the “Cash On Demand” module training that comes with the  “Copy this idea” Beginning tomorrow as I sure will have finished the book by then.


After that as I am really pleased with the information, understanding and just plain brilliance of Andrew Reynold’s the letting you know that it is available will being as well.

Like with many things in life, meet one thing you like, become aware of many others the same.  That said should you achieve half of much value from this book as I have then you too will be rapt that you kept bumping into the book as well.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom I kept bumping into 'the' book and finally succumed!
Susan Lewis