Fancy coming to the inaugural Churchill Market is a new market being held at the Churchill hotels Car Park, Balfour Place, Churchill, 3842. The date : Saturday 16th May 2015. Run through the Churchill Lions this market is formally known as “The Churchill Lions Club Monthly Market.  The proceeds of which go to a variety of local charities. Among which the Camp Quality one that helps children with cancer.

Who should go to this inaugural Churchill Market?

Simply everyone as this is a family event. Provision has been made for the wheelchair, other mobile impinged as well as pram access.  Ask the people in the fluorescent shirts for assistance.

General running information for the inaugural 2015 Churchill Market
  • For the public

Everyone is invited to this market.  Access this month may be a bit tricky, please refer below. Churchill Markets is to be a monthly market. Held on the third Saturday of each month.

  • For marketers

Open for business time for the stall holders is eight am.

Stall holders send in an application to the committee. The management committee are an incorporated association.  Independent of the Churchill Pub and the Latrobe City Council.

Looking at the Churchill Pub’s car park later on this market will house the same amount of stalls that the Mirboo North market currently accommodates.

Getting into the Churchill Market

The Latrobe City Busses runs  for both coming into and leaving Churchill run right past the Market area.

The road works around the main Balfour Place and Woolworths Store car park will make gaining entry for many visitors a bit of a hassle this month. Although soggy with rain the green sloping, nearly five meters in height, embankments up to the car park on the Philip Parade side will be tempting to use for the visitors.

In the past

Previously there have been other markets held in Churchill. Other places that have been held have been in the previous what was the Churchill Mall [now demolished] as well as in the Hazelwood South Hall.

Details for the Churchill lions Club Monthly Market may change from time to time.  Please feel free to talk to one of the people in the bright safety vests on the day or get in touch with the event organiser.  Either of these measures will help circumvent misinformation.

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Susan Lewis

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