Yes, Google has a new logo. At a massive turning point within the Google companies history, the new logo has been unveiled  September 2015.  One month after the company had major restructuring.  Google is now owned by Alphabet.  Alphabet, a holding company, created by Sergey Brin and Larry page.  The ones who are the creators for the Lego construction that encased the original computer of the Google all those years ago.

Some may say the logo is slightly toned down one.   So similar to the last that has just past.The four standard colors have had a revamp. The similar shades of the Blue, red, gold and green  Lego blocks, well these are here and still seen.  The new one take you back to the drawing board.  The gif shows the chalk and a wayward thought.

Dynamic dots that are interactive moving during transitions bring an air of fun to be with, pleasure to use, similar to associating the kinesthetic interactive learning processes the children within schools are so used to.   In effect, Ggoogle has now begun a new way of delivering its information to everyone the world over and generations throughout this world.  Maybe Allen Adamson was correct as he reflected “They’ve taken a step towards Sesame Street with this change”.  Within the hundreds of staff who were involved in this project a good few would have been brought up watching the program while playing with the lego blocks scattered around.  A simple process of identified the two and having fun with the creative concepts bring through change.

Introduced a new sans-serif [type face]as well. This one is more aligned with the readability and scalability of the mobile digital world that we live within today.  So many different devices. Along with tap, type or even talk inputs something had to become easier for the behind the scene things to read and deliver Googles motto through the gadgets to the little old Personal Computer.

The world has finally changed since Google had its last change 17 years ago.  New technology, different approaches and mindsets.  Especially since the snapshot of Google’s computer hard-drive housed within the Lego box created covering these now are housed in massive buildings all over the world.  Google has had to restructure into the new holding company that is called ‘Alphabet’.  Which, of course, makes sense when you reflect on the new logo.  This may be pixel perfect within the logos design. However, the logo is depicted as going back to the basics. Through the use of the hand drawing with chalk on a white background.

People to have defiantly changed. The want to feel a part of the changes that occur.  Yes, ownership too.  So designs were made, and people grew used to small changes occurring.

The idea is to take something that people have grown used to, then bring in subtle changes reflecting the new path the organisation will take and they unlock the new potentials within the parameters structures d differently. Yes there have been massive changes within Googles structure.  Some of which we were familiar with, others will be bound to be released.

Crazy things start happening when doors to creativity, long ago closed and boarded up.  Then walked away from begin to creak open.  This last little while has seen a few small rhyming things come forth.  I will be polite and call them ‘ditties’… basically as I have no idea what they would be otherwise called.

Within forty minutes four of these ditties were written. One is included here.

Google-has-a-new-logo-folks-1591a Google has a new logo we still identify with and trust
When something happens and an opening occurs why ask what and why, just go with the flow. Today Googles new logo appeared and this ditty is what was written then shared.


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SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Google has a new logo we still identify with and trust
Susan Lewis