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For this post, let’s look at how people are shown how to find gold nuggets through their own upskilling, relearning and also the training they are given. For example, take the writing and online strategies involved around the writing as an online communication form.

If your passion for freedom is such that you want more to life than you already have, and are prepared to do the work involved- would knowing that you already know where to find gold nuggets towards effective communication be so far fetched? Further that it is a particular state of mind that is needed to have the patience and drive to learn online strategies of marketing.  To meets your own challenge standards.

When you have a need, a deep-seated need, to begin to make a change of something  already in your life what happens?  For instance written communication systems. Knowing that when many people begin to step out towards a changed  communication level there are stretching points of their comfort zone should be familiar to you. Habits, directives or just plain misunderstanding of transmitted directives, statements and body language may cause them to take quickly a figurative ‘toe’ out of the water, leap backwards and forever avoid the spot again.

Many autistics are actually like this. To change things that change, and the need for change has got to be accepted. Change though causes a meltdown in many cases. These meltdowns cause information blockages. And there are time delays most everyday trainers do not understand. Particularly with many online strategies. What you are about to be introduced to is not textbook knowledge. It’s on the floor and working proven* system knowledge.

Once through the BootCamp there was more communication and training of management and leadership to contemplate.

Challenge your own silent disability for its gold Nuggets.

Life is what you make it. A life of your own making empowers woman and me alike. Families and communities begin to prosper as you take the time to woirk your way through the god nuggests of information scattered libberally all around you. Contact me. Let me know what you think on Get out there and find your gold nuggets. For someone else they may be false giold. But when you see this true worth to yourself then you know you are right. Why then hide them. Gold nuggets are like talents in the old story of a master who gave talents to three servants .. one hide these tak=lents as they were uncertain of the masters wishes. His wishes are for you to make these talents grow, develop yourseolf with His support and helpother people who also can and will make this world a better place for all. That’s right get in there, mine through the walls that try to hold you bound. Dig out the gold nuggets.  Get rid of the dross.

The Overwhelming stuff was effectively behind me. Now there are the modules of the WeSkill and DEA Silver training.

Modules that are in the format of recorded and tracked small one to two minute videos, a few questions and move into another one or three. Or more areas of interest over the next twelve months. Every few weeks people just go back and complete another set.  Is it worth furthering your own knowledge base.  Yes. That is the simple answer.  The knowledge is easy communicative,  current, and competent.  Which in turn helps you to be the same.

For any ‘tricky bits’ head to Google and Google the answer. That is if these gold nuggets are not in The Six Figure Community forum section, or under the marketing training area. The resources and other video  and webinars.

As you can see , in today’s information online world there are numerous ways of becoming self-educated and to develop and learn the skills  to becoming a successful entrepreneur. As many ways as there are gold nuggets to suit you, your skills and talents and also you in what ever situation you find yourself in currently.

Starting an online business is well within the reach for most people, Even if your are learning at your own pace as you add to your gold nuggets of information collection.

Go forward with support and share the knowledge you have stored away and are just seeing your own worth of.

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