As A person who experiencing some of my life online, writing about these experiences and connecting these experiences to concepts life in the last few years had had more meaning, exposure, interrogation, and conceptual work outs its amazing the journey focus is even still shining like a ball of pure high energy light blue electric light. Yes I am on the Autism Spectrum. Asking me where about though you will draw a blank. Not interested in further defining this journey called life. One box is enough and that is labelled Autistic and Autism Spectrum. Having living with Autism Traits popping up all through my life I finally have a name association to things that i believe are normal. They are for me and my family. All the generations past, present and future. With the label I lost being lost. If people cannot handle what and who I am then that is there hard luck. Now I am online and loving it.

Progressive people fully utilize the link they put online.

Just placing a link there, and waiting for people to come forward and ‘hit on it’ is a skill to understand and be practiced well.

Everyone needs to fully utilize the link’s they create before moving on to the next thing they intend to do.  Careful, simplistic, detailed steps are what Autistic people are fantastic at creating  for themselves.  Once that person understands the steps clearly, fully sees the process working these instructions  will be memorized at that person’s own level and capacity.  Some may have visual data instructions, while others use explicit coding and mathematical algebra. Strangely enough, others may even hum or sing the instructions.  Learning is a new systematic approach to something different from one person to the next.

Why did people want to  fully utilize the link Shortener? 

joining-DBL-wordpress101-400x300 Fully Utilize The Link
Get your stuff out there to fully utilize the link in the post

Originally shortened links were created to address the email challenge of breaking URL links that were over 80 characters in length. Since that time people have found many other positive ways of using shortened links. At both ends of the scale, people just want to know are their posts being read. You’ve written your posts, SlideShare’s, videos, landing pages, texts, shared your thoughts around on forums, and everywhere you can think of, and people are responding to you.

With regard to what is done with that information does the ordinary person want to know the details of the link values? How the value of any given link and what that link effort is worth, to their SEO and SERP efforts?

The one question for anyone to consider is “Why let a good lead go to waste?”

Especially when the list provided below is just a starting point of what tracking the links may be of benefit to you with.

tidy-468 Fully Utilize The Link
There is a full set of integrated tools to fully utilize the link ‘s

The ‘effects of the resources’ that are put to use have a lot of bearing on the results you wish to achieve. These resources fall into two categories.  The first being yourself.  Your drive reflects your own inner intention.  Link shorteners are one tool within the vehicle you are using to achieve your dream. The second  is dependent on the versions of link shorteners you choose to use to fully utilize the link you are syndicating through the SERP.  Basically what you are putting out there shows in the results.

Access to the TidyURL is through the link below. Here Stuart Ross the co-founder of the Digital Experts Academy explains the TidyURL. Enjoy the use of a free resource tool.

Important :  Push this link if “Is link shortening is for you?”
( this link will open in another page )

‘Your Tidy URL’ is an upgraded tools set available from the Student Level and up, of the Six Figure Mentors. Used individually, the instructions  complementary actions of both the original TidyURL and Your TidyURL are a simple, yet highly effective tracking set of resources.

To truly get the hang of using tracking so that you can begin to master tracking you need help. There are the normal fears of are the steps being followed? Am I being shown correctly? Why is this not working? But putting everything together only you can do this major challenge . Here the supporting people worked together to come up with a brilliant solution : form a community of people to assist!

TidyURL-complementary-left Fully Utilize The Link
Presenting the complemtary TidyURL The WordPress Link Management Plugin displayed as a CD case

It takes a few tries before you get it right because there is a lot to comprehend to master tracking with other integrating tools. TidyURL is the first stepping stone to master tracking. With understanding, practice and an  ‘I can’ turning into a ‘I have done’ this attitude you know your efforts eventually got it right!

May your day be beautiful.  With your tracked marketing results soon following suit.

Will this work for you? Bold

There is plenty of Educational Program hype out there, and most of those products are ridiculously expensive.

With so many options its only natural to be skeptical about the results, and so we don’t promise our readers anything – instead we simply want to challenge you to do what Susan Lewis recommends to her fans and friends: try it for yourself!!

For your convenience, we have provided the link to a video series showing marketing. A large area where the correct tools and use of tracking plays a big role.

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478479631293-200x200 Fully Utilize The Link
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

More over by becoming thoroughly aware of how to use even just this one tool, you will have the knowledge to be a step in front of everyone else.

As of the time of writing this article they are offering Free Test Drives the Six Figure Mentors program, associated tools and apps, and the Digital Experts Academy for an unknown time. Use the links below and you will get access to the 7 day video series.

trial-650x310 Fully Utilize The Link
Susan Lewis Marketing: To the top to read :  Fully Utilize The Link 

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