Suffer from narcissistic tendencies when working things out?

Knowing there are many times those “Oh No I did not do that! Did I?” moments that really drag at our gut arise! Then were these brought about from narcissistic tendencies thoughts arrive?

Does the overcontrolling keep the filing neat as a pin side of personalities get frustrated with “well that does not work today Why” Obsessive Compulsive Disorders side of creativity fixing a situation?
Never quite sure if it’s from narcissistic tendencies, or the Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder [OCpD], that the disregarding rules of engagement with widgets and apps happen. Or just a creative streak. However when people hit the little red X top right corner of the Tidy URL menu, they maybe forgetting it means DELETE and not close. All sorts of close down mechanisms come into play depending on which one of these two character traits have the majority of ‘what to do now actionable votes’ on the day.

Pointedly one solution found on the internet are forums, groups, collections and even encyclopedias of knowledge is out of date or the site referred to is currently set of standards needs checking. Many people have found that it is extremely hard to work out a today’s solution to a problem with yesterday’s howtos!

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet-400x299 from narcissistic tendencies
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This Is one of the reasons for finding that one platform where the information would be congruent with the methods and compliance standards of the day.

And believe me, this educational journey I am on sure needed the assistance often. Over time. there has been quite a few emails being sent to the DBL and SFM support personal. My poor old sponsor and even a few people who have joined and are working things out the same as me.

Pin down, retrain, move forward into positive aspects from Narcissistic traits

What tends to be the case is that one of us will have a win here and then find ourselves in a pathetic blotched up heap. However as time has gone on you talk to one and they remember what another has started with something similar. Pass the name along and a new contact is made. Or what has been said with the Its fixed jubilation is enough for you to go… “OH I never thought of that” Maybe it is a right move. Maybe not. However what is found is something clicks somewhere. And traits from narcissistic tendencies now have a new pattern of learned behavior being applied in order to come up with a workable practicable solution. Mine was to recreate the initial spreadsheet that housed all the URLs from the sites. Then to establish which link went directly were within the site. From there to reach out and schedule past posts with a new now connecting link. PLUS reshare and format another couple of links to that post. Tedious repetitious and when creatively approached quite a different set of progressive fun. All recorded via my link Generator a tool from the DBL side of DEA.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 from narcissistic tendencies
Be creative towards enjoying the results

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