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Opened up only to find a website page gone!

“Freight Alert” that website page has gone.  Panic, meltdown or near overload is more to the point as experiencing a fright alert after diligently working on something to find that my website page gone.  The about me webpage had disappeared. Help!
Now this is where things have become different.  Years past that autistic overload panic button would have crashed into gear.  Instead of scrambling about frantically fumbling about a video was made. Playable below.

micromanaging-is-100x64 Find Website Page  Gone
What a Micromanaged Challenge may look like.

Two reasons with the first being “that mistake will not happen again so take this experience and record it for someone else to find a solution to their pain and help them. Knowing there is the community support their should I call out to them is terrific but did I need to reach out just yet.

Let’s see what happened.  Back track to yesterday when … oh the correcting the broken link work.

Well to improve and increase open rates speed by removing a page was not the intention! But the actions involved in recovering that page are useful for others. These useful actions are what this post is about.

Backtrack on the marketing training actions before the webpage disappearance

Repositioning pages, posts, pictures or anything else on a a website leaders to some interesting ‘moments.’  Panic not there is a way around finding the ‘About Me’ page has literally disappeared from the front page.  This morning the About Me Page had gone.  The subpage “Explore the resources” however was an orphaned repositioned page.

Spending time fixing broken links begged another question.  Why was the broken links showing unpublished pages? Became aware that extra information slows page loading time down. Remove excess information, refresh the page and later see if site open rates increase.  Especially with reference to sites analytics increase
Find to fix the WebPage disappearance
The video clip shows how to check where the page may have gone.  Points out how to refresh the page. Then shows how to check the pages positioning.
While here the visual reminder to remove from the dashboard the extra ‘old page’ page data, the category explanations was there.
Logging on to  Find Website Page Gone today’s job was created.
While researching broken link procedure the realisation of all the ‘stored for future use” ie unpublished information was slowing down the page and post load times came home to roost.
Sometimes when one action is done the result may simply show up another action that needs urgent attention. Rather than panic set out to keep your mind open to possible positive subliminal directions.

 See For Self How To Build A Community

Thankfully the training and upskilling shown by this community through this link is done in actionable segments.
Interested enough to  add name and email.  The videos sent to you were enough for me to start the a new pathway of actions .
SusanLewisandLogo-100x100 Find Website Page  GoneWhile concentrating on the fixing of broken links what has happened is an awareness of extraneous information that may, or may not, slow the  page load down and therefore affect the overall user experience.
Why are the pages and posts on the site in the first place: To give the person viewing the information the best possible experience  right from the beginning.  That includes loading any page or post onto the browser they have chosen to view the information by.
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