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Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis  and one day I finally realised that I needed to be helping people build Autistic Online and Loving it communities.

That is about the time when I finally realised that I needed that GPS.

Old patterns are hard to brake. For twenty years the able body and minded me had Quarter Mastered on overnight stays, right up to an international and national Australian youth camp attending for ten days. And pre and post camp.  Camps, running programs, and motherhood.  Just one focus at a time.  Right then in my life I could not even find a three year dream.  Then It hit me.  Jay had spoken about a ten year dream.  So find ‘the dream’ and work backwards.  Suddenly the big stuff was in focus.  Step by step things were sorted out.  Broken down to achieve this step, before that step.

Now, what was found was that when my mind had something else to concentrate on there was no hassle over the little objective.  Effectively it had become a small thing that was part of a bigger dream.

Finally I realised that I needed to be in focus again

Tried thinking about being out of focus. Finally I realised I was out of control, frustrated and needing a GPS towardsThe-moon-b Finally realised that I needed finding the path when this quote was found.  Ever felt you needed to grab hold of a dream.  Your special dream.

“Reach out for your dream… grab it… now finalise that action pathway.”

With having my dream, I had my GPS.  The ‘ultimate goal’ tied me to the focal point.  Even if I fell down a crack there were tight ropes and activities that needed to be completed.    Grabbing hold of one of these on the way through meant keep out of the chasm

As The Years Go By …..Grab That Dream


Had a chuckle as it actually does reflect the thoughts of earlier in the year. That too was related to a very vivid dream that came through the deep sleep time when I was only sixteen years old. Thirty-six years before the dream about having a focus that helped people get up out of a hole.

Help in ‘Building That Autistic Online And Loving It’ community

>>> happens through here <<<

Realised there was a need for an community online support. Having connections help to achieve the goals. To do the work, Put in the effort. Connect all the bits together.  Help people build Autistic, online and loving it communities where they were.  Online means reaching out through online means.  Or offline.  Which ever way to get the information that people need in order that they too could reduce the struggles and frustrations of dealing with people.

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