Gidday there, my name is Susan and while exploring Facebook and G+ there were similarities and confusions happening. Being so used to social sharing the view that had developed with purely focusing on what is known as a syndication fan all the other things coming through into these channels was confining to say the least.

Having not much of an overall idea other than the message has to be found by people who needs to react to the message was still going to be a mystery to me nearly twenty years later.  Where some people had rapidly grasped hold of the concepts involved connected to marketing their messages the greater majority found themselves confined to repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Exploring facebook and G+

Stuck knowing there was information out there with little clue on what the meaning of the information being found actually meant.  In those days coding was coding.  Websites were coding.Very logical “male” thinking. Writing was were more like reports.

Huge pushes evolved with the introduction of Visuals progressing from cartoon and into digital photos through to videos. Now there are apps for this and more apps for that effect. Sharing pictures, building collections, exploring Facebook and G+, along with Pinterest was fun. There had to be more there was more and like many people there was me being left behind.

enjoy_using_the_videos Exploring facebook and G+Not understanding the need to have a Audience through to a niche and onto the target peoples all the reach that was gained boiled down to the direct contact people.  In effect the target was so small minimal spread of what was important happened. Meaning the marketing of information was basically zilch.

That’s when a message was sent out into the net-is-phere asking for help.  One year later an invitation was found in the email forgotten emails.  Opening that invitation lead me to some videos.  Of all the places I looked all that time these videos were the answer to many of my questions.   Part of which lead me into challenging myself to stand before the camera and making a video, or two…..and more. Believe me it took time before I was ready to see what in front of me all the time.

Exploring Facebook and G+ marketing  as a community developers lacking resources brought changes in the direction being travelled.

Understanding a lot more than before once again the exploring Facebook and G+ avenues is happening.  VBlogging or VLogging is happening and helping with the spread of the current message.

SusanLewisandLogo Exploring facebook and G+In part the community that has built up behind the initial marketing resource videos encourages the exploring facebook and G+ development for your message. That world wide community support  has opened other avenues while lessening the confusion as to why exploring Facebook and G+ helps with the spreading of the message


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