Acknowledge the Australian Koala as an example to overcoming fear.

Walking through the path to the shops there was a Koala seen heading for a tree. Ambling along alone.  From beside me, my dog also saw this marsupial.  Sox, the dog, wanted to go explore…. closely explore.

The Koala was not impressed at having to be spurred along up the tree. Preset past experience that brought a fear with it.  So up the tree the Eucalyptus tree Koala went.

The point was until the ‘threat’ [Sox] had carried on walking away the Koala was stuck in a tree.  As it turned out any tree would have done as the threat could not climb the tree.  This tree though was one it could have shelter from within curl up after a lunch of eucalyptus leaves and sleep the day away

Larger than you think with many variables even the inhabitants have not yet see, used, dealt with or even are aware about. With so many Eucalyptus trees why would the Koala not survive?  The simple answer is not all Eucalyptuses can the Koala feed on.  Therefore, although in safety away from one perceived danger  left alone there would the Koala actually survive [ in this case the tree was the right food source tree and the perceived threat was removed quickly]
When people see these ‘cute’ little pictures of Koalas in a tree.. To hear about them walking along the road and getting knocked over is very seldom done. Instead, people think they stay asleep in the Eucalyptus trees all their lives. Actually, they do not. Down they come and then a walk to the next tree. Dangerous really as these furry animals are relatively slow on the ground snakes, dogs or a vehicle will cause the Koala some trouble.

Keeping your eyes on the next tree to climb is a koalas stepping stone to that dream of a morning of sitting around sleepily with the belly full of leaves. While the Koala is in that tree the observations as to which is the next tree to go to are made. One focus [ the food] with many stepping stones lined up [another tree] one at a time.

Every so often the Koalas will go up a tree that they have already been in. Checking out the scenery and ready to refresh themselves with the new growth.

We humans, are we any different in that unless we are able to start changing the basis of our mental mindsets, and prejudice based action decisions are based on , we may stay where we are and stagnate.  Waiting for the old age pension that politicians from an era long ago promised our expatriated returning forefathers.

Powerful mental tools to help master practical skills as well as mindset changes formed well through knowledge we believed was correct, and having ways of knowing the truth of the past statements is needs. More so now than ever as the internet is alive and changing our world every nano-second.

We each are responsible for developing a self-awareness encompassing our reason to study as well as the learning processes themselves. Or we simply may find were stuck in a tree somewhere.

While it was easier for a Koala to fall back into the basic survival steps and avoid the bog because there were the tools available [ the tree to climb]  as there was a practical element within their use based on life experiences.

People discovering the extent of the internet will have those  odd moments where the ability to interrelate with people may be a different thing altogether. That is unless their friends have some reason to want to be shown what you have discovered after you have

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