Digital Education is like the Old time Gold Rush

Emails keep coming for a reason.

Emails keep coming, even if they end up in the other areas rather than you inbox.

Times past emails happily went to where you wanted them. Now the computers sorting of what you want to read , see or even think about has been overtaken by a bot. Bots are programmed to simply filter things. The challenge is that th areas for altered human inquisitiveness just are disregarded. Bots are sent to protect. Protect humans is not on their radar. The bots protect the digital system you, a meir human, work with.

Wanted emails keep coming to be read and actioned

This is how we humans out think the bots.

checkyouremailboxin2weekstime Emails  Keep Coming
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Firstly, when we come across information we need to be current with we opt in. Information you want to receive then is #NotSpam. This information is more than likely sent out on a regular automated basis. Checking the inbox and nothing appears to have arrived.

Whitelisiting the emails address of the sender is the next step. Simply make the address of the sender known in your list of contacts. This allows the filing system bots to know you want the information.

However, being that we are still just humans, who the bot does not report to, bots ignoring our wishes is common place. Fair is fair and the emails keep coming because, we humans, want to take action on the emails.

Annoy the bots. Search out the junk and trash files. Regain your wanted information. Read that information. Action the information. Create a folder for the information to go into for reference purposes later.

Make sure the emails  keep coming

For-Youanemailapplicationpackmessage Emails  Keep Coming
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One further thing is simply create an email that is specifically for the collection of these wanted emails. Definatly keep the email address specific to that one thing. For instance when you are beinging a new endeavor create that associated email address. Literally open the email address every day and check on the information coming in. For verification purposes reply to the writer of the emails sent. Then read their reply as well. This correspondence currently tends to lower then bot suspicion of a non responsive email programming the bot tends to have been programmed with. Bots like reporting back to the bot ‘task master’ that people still to talk to people.

With the 30 day trial you option you will be asked to fill out an email address. Conscientious of time management? Make that new email address [ defiantly Gmail] now then fill out the email address. This action means you are one step ahead of the other people choosing to view the videos. You will see why when you opt in to the training, upskilling of the time-tested affiliate business model, which let’s you tap into the booming digital economy with a minimum of hassle.

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