Early on creativity starts with ownership

The creative process of finding out what the dream was took time, energy, sorting and sifting out.  Then so many questions as pieces of a puzzle began to come through. Oh the embarrassment as the time to do this was passing by.  The underlying knowledge of being the last one through the figurative gate… was palpable.

That is what it felt like as the time to hand in the Dream plan for the next 3 years was to be. My dream and its plan.  The instructions I had were as detailed as I could make it.creativitys-about-ownership-400x316 Early on creativity  And the business consultant got detailed.  A huge series of Google Spreadsheets.  In the process of creating this  dream  there was plenty of creative energy occurring.  Sometimes I think I invented another language as well.

Part of which had these things from the bucket list ……………. within the first three years.  What I wanted to achieve would not fit into a 36-month plan. Instead having heard the comment about a ten-year plan that made more sense.  This way the creative side of me could really have some fun.  Not get stressed out or over-anxious

SixFigureMentorsman Early on creativity Introducing the Six Figure Mentors

if, while learning to use the tools needed to make the graphics  initially took a little time extra.  You see partially because of a truck imploding into the vehicle I was driving and causing brain trauma the middle term memory was altered.  Seems that I still had a short term one. And a long term one.  Just that part between had a sinkhole along with the subsequent traffic delays.

trial-650x310 Early on creativity
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